What if I forgot to log out of Wanikani after using a public computer?

How long will that computer stay logged in? Can I somehow log out from a distance? And if I’m not sure whether or not I logged out: How can I find out? Thanks in advance! ^^

Hmm I wonder if logging out on the forums on your current device will force log out all the others :thinking: I should hope so :durtle_the_explorer:

If you go to your Profile --> Preferences --> Account, at the bottom of the page there’s a “Recently Used Devices” section which will tell you your currently active devices as well as your device history

EDIT: Looks like there’s a “log out all” option on that page as well! Sweet


If you change your password, that would log you out on most websites. I’d try that!


Maybe I didn’t understand the question correctly. But won’t public computers log you out automatically ?

Thank you! I already found this. But it only works for the forum, right?

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Not necessarily. Why would they?

The reason I‘m asking is actually because I used the personal computer of a distant acquaintance today.

I am that distant acquaintance. I got you a 0% on all reviews, reset you to level 1, and posted distasteful comments on forum pages under your username. You’re welcome, in advance.


Ah, yeah I believe so – I’d try the suggestion of changing your password then just to play it safe

Thanks for fueling my anxiety :sweat_smile:

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I don’t know if this is only for community, but if you go to your profile under preferences you’ll find something like this


and you can Log out from every device…

again, im not sure if this works for wanikani app or only in the forums

Oh, sorry @MissMisc already told you about it, i didnt read fully


Pretty sure it works for the wanikani.com site as well as the forums. I’ve had to log out and back in to get my level to show correctly on the forums, and it always seems to log me out of the website. At least I think so.

Edit: Never mind. I just tried it and it doesn’t log you out of the main site.

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What about asking the distant acquaintance to log you out?

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