Repeatedly getting logged out?

Since the update on 8 October, I’ve been logged out and had to re-login several times a day, when before I would generally go weeks between logins.

It seems quite random—it hasn’t yet required me to login while I’m actively using it, but it often is after I return after a few hours and hit ⌘ R or tap ↻ to reload the dashboard (so I can do new reviews when I last left it at zero).

I’ve tried creating new tabs or windows before logging in, I’ve tried checking and unchecking “Remember me” in the login tab. I’m not getting logged out of any other web services in the same browser.

I’ll email bugs unless anyone else can tell me a fix, but I’m curious if anyone else has been seeing this behavior?

I’m on iPad + Safari.

I have been logged out once recently (maybe that was October 8th, don’t recall exactly). But ever since I logged back in, it hasn’t happened again.

Maybe shoot an email to to have them double-check what’s wrong? :thinking:

We’ve had a few users run into this problem since we made a switch to require your email instead of username when logging in.

In these cases, the problem was solved by the user deleting the WaniKani information from their browser/password manager before adding it again.

If this doesn’t work, please reach out to us at so we can troubleshoot further.

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Well, I never used a username on WaniKani proper, just Community (and the tab/session I’m typing to you on now was opened literally months ago, I can’t recall the last time I logged it in).

OTOH, I haven’t gotten logged out again since creating this topic, so it may have been transient. If it happens again, I’ll try the password manager change—currently I have two different entries for Community (with username) and the dashboard (with email), so I could futz with that as well by changing the passwords. I’ll give it a couple days and see if it recurs. Thanks!

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As there haven’t been any recurrences, I’m writing this off as browser cache instability after the downtime.