Logging out of wanikani doesn't log you out of forum

Pretty obvious, but I didn’t really think about it when using a public computer, which I do when I do my reviews at school, and this whole time I haven’t been logging out of the forums. Out oh!


In fact, we are all just imposters (all of us on the forums, that is), using your login credentials…



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Maybe thats because you were evading taxes in 1940s

This is your punishment.

I think it’s because they use a separate forum service and don’t actually host it themselves. At least, that’s how it seems, because I have seen a few different websites that use the exact same format as these community forums.

The platform is called Discourse, BurgerMeanie

We’ll look into it. We thought we set it up to nuke the cookies for both services on logout, but we’ll double check that this week.

I like it when logout buttons, you know, log you out.


I don’t know if it’s the same issue, but I’ve had a similar experience.
Logging out of WK didn’t seem to log me out of the forum. However, trying to do anything in that state results in a error message (“you don’t have access to that page” and the like). Reloading the page removes my icon and correctly shows the sign in button. I figured it was just a problem with my browser rather than with the forum.

I don’t know if that’s the same issue OP is experiencing, though.

No, I refreshed and I was still logged in.

Btw logging out of the forums logged out of wanikani but logging out of wanikani didn’t log out of of the forums when I made this thread. I haven’t check now though.

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