Please stop logging me out ALL THE TIME

This has become a scourge of so many websites and apps on the internet. I assume it’s to mitigate against session theft? But what is an attacker going to do, mess up my reviews? I am so tired of having to log in to Wanikani all the time. Across five different devices, on average I think I have to log in every second day.


Weird, this has not happened to me. I feel like I’m logged in weeks at a time and rarely have to log back in. What OS and browsers are you using? I’d be interested in trying to replicate the behavior


Same for me. I am never logged out unless I ask for it.

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I know that Firefox does that to me all of the time, even when I switch apps. Are you on Firefox by chance?

I’m never logged out either, except when it’s some maintenance or something. And I’m on firefox.

I’m never logged out using Firefox either. I would guess you’re very likely using a browser (or an addon) that automatically clears cookies and sessions data periodically which is causing your issue.

Some browsers have an option to automatically clear data on exit by default. That’s probably where I’d start looking.

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I had to log back in to like your comment. It is a pain being constantly logged out, am using Safari.

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I use multiple devices and just assumed I was getting logged out when I logged in on a different device

Yeah, this definitely sounds like a cookie storage issue rather than a WaniKani issue. I access from both the home computer and the work computer (and very occasionally the iPad), and the last time I had to log in on any of those was the time WaniKani booted everyone off so they could disable username logins a few months back.

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Question for those who are never logged out: do you close your browser or shut down your computer ever? Or just sleep it with the browser always open?

This definitely isn’t normal behaviour and sounds like a browser cookie thing. If you don’t get help from the other savvy users on this thread, send us an email with all your devices/browser details and we’ll see if we can provide some help.


I’ve done both and multiple platforms and not had any issues on any of them. I usually leave it open since I’m using it multiple times per day anyway, but I’ve also shutdown the browser on many occasions for updates and such.

As an aside, it’s pretty trivial to confirm what WK is doing with the login cookie by just using the built-in storage inspector that is part of browser developer tools (at least for Chrome and Firefox, I’m not super familiar with Safari). The cookie is named remember_user_token and you can look at the Created and Expires / Max Age field to see how long it gets set to.

It’s set to one month. So, if you’re having to login more than once a month, it’s a setting in the browser or an addon doing it, not WK.

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The browser sending the cookie does not mean the WK server hasn’t expired the session corresponding to the cookie on its side. It’s also not addons on my browser deleting cookies indiscriminately, as I don’t get logged out of the forums most times this happens.

That’s a fair point. It could be doing that, although, short of some type of major bug, that seems fairly unlikely given it doesn’t seem to be affecting most users. Unless they’re using entirely custom code, I’ve never seen any real login systems set cookies with login tokens that have a duration that exceeds what the server is willing to support. Of course, it’s hard to say what they’re actually doing as sites certainly sometimes do some wild things.

I just took a look and they use different cookies and the main WK storage is using > 16MB while the forum is using less than 1KB. I’ve seen plenty of cleaners that only target “large” cookies, so it’s not completely unreasonable that whatever is doing it would only possibly be nuking one and not the other.

I shut down my laptop every day and didn’t have any issues with automatic logging out so far.

The only time I had it happen was when I changed my password, once.

Thank you everyone for your replies. I am indeed using Firefox, across Windows, Linux, Android, and iOS. I guess it is Firefox being too tight with cookies or something. I’m not so technically inclined, is there any easy fix for Firefox?


First, pick one device to use for a couple of days and see if it continues. If it doesn’t, next steps might be working towards figuring out which device is the problem.

If it continues, maybe see if disabling enhanced tracking protection makes a difference for a couple of days. I’m not suggesting this as a solution, just that taking one thing out of the equation at a time might help narrow it down

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One thought: Go Tools > Settings > Privacy & Security, then scroll down to the “Cookies and Site Data” heading. Check to see whether or not “Delete cookies and site data when Firefox is closed” is checked. It should be un-checked if you want it to remember your WaniKani login between session.


I’ll start using Firefox on one of my devices today and see if this starts happening to me