What has been your slowest level?

I’ll start.
Excluding level 4, when I was still deciding whether or not I’d buy Wanikani (spoiler alert, I did), my slowest level has been level 13. It’s apparently the level with the highest dropout rate (I’d like to see some stats on that) and it’s no wonder. I spent 17 days and 4 hours on it.

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Level 23, it was a 7 month hiatus w/ no vacation mode :durtle_the_explorer:


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Level 3. 1095 days, 13 hours. :stuck_out_tongue:

Level 25 so far, I really sucked at the kanji and I was super demotivated.

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16 so far. The number of reviews each day was getting out of hand so I started metering out new lessons based on how many items were at apprentice level.

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13, I lost so much time at 89% of gurud kanji

30 days and 9 hours (level 23)

Went to Japan for two weeks, during which I did zero WK. I thought I had put on vacation mode, but apparently not, because I came back to a ton of reviews, and it took me quite a while to get back on track, my next three levels was 12, 17 and 15 days.

You can check some older responses here (I found them while looking for my charts that I posted a while back):


EDIT: Stopped being lazy and just “made” a new graph:

I’ve been on 60 for something like 700 days now, I don’t think I’ll ever finish.


Level 6, 457 days exactly, haha. Longest level since coming back to WK after that hiatus was 11 days, 3 hrs on level 12

Mine was 37. In fact it was so slow - about a year - that I had to do a reset to level one…

103 days on level 33
Got busy for two months and then it took a month to completely catch up

Before I reset it was 400+ days at level 8. My longest level currently is level 11 at 23 days and 20 hours. However, that’s a little skewed because my plan on Wanikani is to get ten levels every 3 months. The remainder of the time before the three months are up goes to a break away from lessons.

Level 6, but only by a day over average. It was before I really got a schedule figured out.


level 11 was really tough, I’m surprised I even made it myself sometimes


Lvl 1 took me the longest because I only started using WK 18 days after my registration. So my longest level was actually lvl 5 because I got one extra kanji wrong and had to wait 2 extra days :relaxed:


Level 36 (31 days, 22 hours). I’m not sure what happened with this level specifically but I went through a dark period from 29-36 where I wasn’t doing new lessons consistently which I blame mostly on the FFXIV Stormblood release.

So consistant oooh


383 days and 11 hours on level 30. Still recovering from too many reviews.

Level 4 (30 days) so far. I can’t even remember what happened to slow me down!

54 days: 4 weeks where I was working every day, sleeping 5 hours every night and there was no time left in my life for WaniKani.

32 days & 50 days: went to Japan during those times. Time well spent, much better than that 54 days level :slight_smile:

20 days: had to travel for work for a week and had almost no time for WaniKani.

But at least my current level will be a 8 or 9 day one for a change. So life is good right now :slight_smile: