Slowest level chart

I wanted to make a chart that compares everyone’s slowest level because I’m curious. I was inspired by the wanikani for old’s thread.

Mine is 92 days on level 17.
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Slowest level of all time

username slowest level time
Atheon317 Level 1 1763 days, 8 hours
Maulrus Level 2 203 days
denji level 4 14 days
hanpt2 Level 4 116 days
NyappyTiramisu Level 5 615 days
MegaZeroX Level 5 6 days, 21 hours
YoungAdam Level 6 419 days, 16 hours
digitalginger Level 8 276 days, 6 hours
Nishi790 Level 11 764 days, 20 hours
latepotato Level 15 58 days, 13 hours
NicoleRauch Level 15 164 days, 22 hours
nemuitanuki level 17 92 days
oribaa Level 17 258 days 16 hours
AmandaBear Level 17 120 days
thaumkid Level 18 124 days, 14 hours
CDR-Strawberry level 18 44 days, 0 hours
alo Level 22 72 days, 7 hours
trunklayer level 22 213 days, 2 hours
rikaiwisdom Level 27 19 days
Lahoje level 30 1435 days
Toyger Level 31 331 days
Apollyon4 Level 40 14 days, 1 hour
BigEm Level 50 140 days, 21 hours
TobyOne Level 52 14 days, 1 hours
Pep95 Level 60 44 days, 0 hours

Slowest level at your normal pace:
(Resets happen. Absences happen)

username slowest level time
hanpt2 Level 6 30 days
digitalginger Level 7 70 days, 14 hours
nemuitanuki level 9 49 days
Nishi790 Level 10 21 days
NyappyTiramisu Level 14 75 days
latepotato Level 23 14 days, 1 hour
Toyger Level 34 48 days
TobyOne Level 52 14 days, 1 hours

Level 9 35 days
Level 37 27 days so far


Keep going!! Fight fight!


I feel obliged to say that my longest level was actually before I started WaniKani properly. :sweat_smile:

My longest level when doing WK normally would probably be lv17 at 14 days.

Edit: Nope, sorry; it would be level 10 at 18 days and five hours. :sweat_smile:


Oh that’s a really good point. It would be interesting to see a contrast between slowest level at normal speed vs of all time.


Before reset
Level 53: 31 days
After reset
Level 8: 8 days


If you’re wondering what happened the past few weeks: exams :wink:


That’s lightening fast
I’m everywhere


Looking at this chart, it’s a miracle I ever made it through those first few levels :sweat_smile: But even my normal speed is all over the place, depending on how busy I am with my classes


I finally started working as a programmer and had to study programming stuff when I came home so I didn’t have as much spare time as I used to.

When I got used to my job and could do other stuff on my free time I got obsessed.


level 32 … 809 days. I like to pretend that level never happened (as well as the 227,161 and 112 day levels) :joy:


I have two fairly big ones.
Lvl 31 - 331
Lvl 42 - 231

Longest while still actively leveling:
Lvl 34 - 48 days
It will be beat this level, already up to 42 days and have 17 kanji left and not ready to do them yet XD
I am actively working on reviews daily, but trouble keeping under 100 apprentice due to leeches ^^;


72 days for me


I feel you on that. Finished WK lessons a while ago and my current goal is to keep Apprentice under 50 for more than a few days. :joy:


Last december I had a bad month, overwhelmed by reviews :o. 33 days and 21 hours. 15 days slower than the next one.


Level 1 was a horror show for me.

Ok full disclosure, I tried wanikani on the free levels in 2013 when I was in Japan. However, I quit right away because I’d already been studying Japanese for several years so I didn’t want to waste weeks and weeks relearning things like 水 and 所. So I went back to studying from textbooks, reading NHK Easy News, and eventually worked my way up to kid’s novels.

Fast forward a few years later when I’m back home. My friend and I were planning a three week trip to Japan the following year to see all twelve NPB teams (we did the trip, it was a blast). I wanted to build up my vocabulary and refresh myself on N5 and N4 level stuff in preparation. Wanikani made sense for this, so I gave it a shot… up to level 21. The problem was I was working a gruelling 6 day, 50-60 hour work week at the time, so I couldn’t keep up with the volume. I got frustrated and left.

I’m back now though because I’ve left that crappy job, so I have the time to actually do reviews, lessons, and squash leeches.


Does vacation mode count here as well?

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A wonderful initiative Tanuki san :ok_hand:

Hope this normalizes what most people experience in reality :slightly_smiling_face:


When I first started it, neither did I have the money, nor the determination to start it. In the last weeks I made good progress I would say :smiley: Level 1 took 1763 days for me, but I made it :ok_hand: