What is the longest you've been on a level?

Just downloaded the AlliCrab app, only to discover that I have been on level 18 for 145 days… This is definitely the longest so far. I really started to slack off back in March what with surgery recovery and classes wrapping up and final exams and all that jazz. But I’m back! Hopefully in a few weeks I’ll be off to Death. :skull_and_crossbones: What is the longest it has taken you all to recover from a burnout?

EDIT: I have made it! On to level 19!

Like two years on level 15. Tried so many times now!

Not WKs fault, life just tends to get in the way.


Did you recently reset and start over?

2.65896621 years xD


Six months because life

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When I first arrived in Japan, I was quite busy and didn’t have connectivity for some stretches, and even then only had my cell phone, so that took me 13 days 6 hours.

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psh that ain’t even long

I was stuck on level 8 for 118 or so days, so recently after the reordering I decided it’d probably be best for me to start from scratch again.

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Do you think resetting was worth it or do you wish you would have sucked it up?

I was very on and off with WK in the beginning… I was on level 13 for 266 days and level 19 for 233 but I finally got my shit together at level 20 and never spent more than 10 days on a level again, not counting level 60 which is at 215 days now and will just keep growing forever xD


Have you considered resetting to start over? And why/why not?

I think it was worth it, I’ve been a member of WaniKani since April of last year and I spent so long between reviews that I had a hard time remembering the different readings with it came to vocabulary. I just finished my second Japanese homestay, and I’m studying for the N4 JLPT in December (and the AP test in May) so with the knowledge of kanji that I DO have, I think it will help me to start over fresh and try again.

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Level 16 will be my longest level as I have to clear out nearly 500 vocabulary words… #DontAbuseScripts


Ooh awesome! Where were your homestays? And how long? I am going to Japan in a week and a half for a semester study abroad. I did a homestay in Wakayama last summer which was 3 weeks and this year I will be in Tokyo for 3 weeks and then Osaka for 3.5 months (those are both homestays as well).

I did a two week homestay in Aichiken last year because my hometown has a sister city relationship with one of the cities there. I got to take short trips to Tokyo and Kyoto on that visit. Right now I’ve spent the last month in a college sponsored high school educational program in Osaka, visiting other various cultural areas (and only being allowed to speak my awful Japanese) and since that program concluded I’ve been visiting my host family from last year. I head back to America tomorrow.

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Yep. It definitely seems worth it for me, if you’re wondering. I wouldn’t reset all the way down to level one if I could do it again, though. Maybe to level 2 and just unburn what is left of burnt items.

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Well that’s the only way to get better! I hope it was a good experience for you.

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Thanks, sorry for derailing the thread haha.
I just feel like I wasn’t committed enough to WaniKani the first time around and it’s still affecting me misreading kanji a lot.

About 19 days last Christmas because of vacation mode etc.

My first time through I was at level 1 for almost two years. I signed up, but didn’t actually start the lessons.

I spent the last eight months at level 25, and finally decided to reset.