What has been your slowest level?

I guess these stats do not get reset when you reset your WK level? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Level 14 for me, but not by much. I really think it’s impressive how people are so consistent leveling up in less than 9 or so days. When I try to maintain a fast level up time I always get overwhelmed with vocabulary and have to stop and focus on them. Because of that an interesting pattern emerged, I do a couple fast levels, 1 slow level, and repeat.

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I was just not used to doing things consistently for a while, culminating at its worst in a two-month break. I’m glad I don’t have Lifetime, otherwise I might’ve just neglected Wanikani at Level 10.

level 18, though it’s only a couple extra days long. it was before i’d figured out the rhythm that i’ve generally stayed at since then.

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142 days at level 29. Unintentionally took a few weeks off without vacation mode around the winter holidays and it nailed me. It ended up being a good thing because I got through a bunch of leech-y old stuff. (although there is plenty still hanging around)

125 days at level 26. This was an early attempt to get down old leeches and reduce daily reviews which was then thwarted by level 29.

34 & 67 days for level 9 & 10 respectively. Family stuff.

Without those extended times my average is 12 days a level.

Level 4 was my slowest. Besides level 3 that was my only level over 9 days. And levels 5 and 8 were my only levels over 8 days.

I’m in a reasonably stable pattern now, but if I go travelling, all bets are off.

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Life got slightly busier and I also started doing more grammar work, instead of focusing completely on kanji. So, I spent 42+ days on level 25

I went into level 7 a boy and came out a man



35 cause I went to Israel with my friends for two weeks and only did reviews at that time.

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Slowest was 31 days, but I don’t really care how quick I go–I work waaaaaay too much to care about that. I only care about how much I remember. :dragon:

I have not done very many levels yet, but level 4 was my slowest at 15-and-a-half days. There is really no good reason why, since I was already familiar with all the kanji on that level. This is also not counting level 2, when I was away for half a year.

I’ve been fairly diligent since then and all other levels are around eight days.

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I had an 8-day level once. Trying to keep it only once :slight_smile:


I too fell into the level seven heaven…

Wanikani is too slow and the Radicals are Useless. also Why Can't I just level up in one day instead of 7? - #51 by jprspereira this advice made wanikani much more doable, though

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Officially level 1! 11 days and 22 hours

Where did you get this graph from.

Wkstats.com. Enter your API # from the settings in Wanikani. It’s a cool site made by a WK user that tells you things like your average time per level and other useful meta-information about your progress.


Ah surprised did not know that! Thank you. Looks like I’ll probably have to level up a few more times for a accurate number.

Haha yeah API v1 is wack. It doesn’t mark the time when somebody levels up or resets. One of these days API v2 will be properly released and all the JS wizards will update their scripts. Until then, I’ll have to live with being 600+ days on my current level, despite having levelled up yesterday.

For me, it was level 8. Why? Because I spent 2 and a half months in the hospital.