Plodding along

Went on vacation mid January, had high hopes to keep up so I didn’t use vacation mode. First time seeing 500+ reviews, took a while to climb out of that hole. Lesson learned. Excited to see a level up again.

What level took you the longest? How many days?

First time posting, but love lurking this community.


Great that you’re getting back into the swing!

I’m not counting the free levels, because I hadn’t committed to daily WK yet.

Longest: 24 days on level 16. That was when I put vacation mode on for my honeymoon. …and kept it on for 3 weeks after returning from said honeymoon.

Mucking up the SRS meant my accuracy tanked! It took me a while to get my flaw-bloated Apprentice queue to a point where I felt comfortable adding lessons again.

Glad that you’re giving us a chance to lurk back at you. :eyes:


Also not counting the free levels (my first one was 66 days because I made an account and then just left XD), my longest level was level 25, which took 16 days and 21 hours. I didn’t go on a honeymoon … just got swamped with a lot of school projects and homework at once.

Hope to see you around! \o/ We love you too :eyes:


I spent 103 days on level 7, 93 days on level 14, and about 80 days on level 22. Those have at least partially been because I felt like I wanted to spend more time on stuff other than just wanikani though(and also because I just was lazy for the level 7 time, and because I’ve had a lot of other stuff to do as well for the latter two of them). I tend to try to spend time on what I feel like I’ll gain the most from, which obviously isn’t just always doing wanikani, even if wanikani is really nice for learning kanji stuff and some vocab.

…I also just level up really slowly in general.


I realize it’s not a race, but I start to get anxiety if my lessons are piling up. Level 7 had me in a tizzy and I felt like I wasn’t retaining anything, it’s a good reminder of how well the system works when those “hard” ones come up now and you breeze through.

What are your other favorite resources?

I recently found TangoRisto for reading practice through this community and I’m amazed at how much I recognize at such a low level. I made it over halfway through Japanese From Zero, and now it’s collecting dust under my coffee table. Considering trying Genki.
I’ve been watching Terrace House on Netflix for listening practice. And I was watching some YouTube for grammar but I haven’t done much of that lately either…

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I spent 98 days on level 53. Life got pretty busy for a bit there.

The end is in sight though! Really hope I can get that far no matter how long it takes or what life throws at me.

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Yep, my goal is to hit level 60 in April!

Best of luck to you!


How many days is 9 months? That many days.


75 days on level 36. I went to Japan for 3 weeks during that stretch, and had stopped new lessons for a few weeks before the trip to not create a weird SRS situation. It was kinda fun to get down to only 20-50 reviews a day instead of ~200. Now I’m back at that higher number…


Ahaha, well, you see…

I reset to level 5 from 20 after that break, so don’t worry about taking it ':DD It’s better than neglecting your studies altogether


42 will have taken me about 220 days once I finish it


Whoa! Way to come back though!

Oh, hey! I also reset from level 20 after a extended leave of absence…


Oh wow:DD 頑張って!



370 days on level 24, no reset involved


Level 37 took me 815 days and 13 hours :skull:


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