What does your Reviews Timeline look like / How many reviews do you have?

You might want to reconsider this method for narrowing down your reviews. If you group your reviews by level, you might start associating the review item with the correct answer based on how long ago you learned it. This could help you get correct answers (particularly with similar looking kanji), but would be detrimental in the long run. When you’re reading real material you won’t be able to remember based on how long ago you learned the kanji so you shouldn’t get in the habit of doing so during reviews.

If that doesn’t happen to you then great. But that’s why I’ve always avoided sorting by level during reviews.


I get what you’re saying, for sure. I guess I should have been a bit more specific, instead of saying one level at a time (not sure what I was thinking with that wording). The kanji and radicals all stay in one pack. It’s the vocab that gets broken up if it’s overwhelming. Usually a single level doesn’t have thirty vocabulary reviews in it, so I’ll do multiple random levels at once.

I think the series I’d have the most trouble with is the ones in the 寺 series: 待 持 時, etc. But I have trouble with those so far anyways, so I definitely don’t have levels associated there, haha.

I haven’t had any trouble picking out kanji in real-world works so far, but I will definitely keep an eye out for that phenomenon. And thank you for the warning! It is absolutely one with merit.

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Right now I’m having a bit of a dip since I’m about to level. Add about 100 to that for a more normal representation of time. Though I have had a couple of unfortunate times where I’ve ended up with 500 in a day. You can plan for it if you know it’s coming but is still painful.

Why are you looking at forums when you have lots of study to do!!!


giphy (4)

(I was unaware of this feature!)


The reviews are flowing just a little faster now that I’ve entered the short levels. I usually have ~250 per day, but tomorrow is busier as I just levelled up earlier and finally finished off the previous level’s vocab that I kept putting off.


Wow, you only have 1 year of WK and you’re already lvl 49.

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This is a pretty typical day’s workload and pattern. Six lessons each hour 'til 9 or 10, then hourly reviews until the end of the day.


This is the highest mine has been since starting because I fell asleep for 22 hours and had just started level 11.

Nothing special, I guess. Still rare to have 200 reviews in a day.

I’m curious… how many of you use the Highlight feature of Ultimate Timeline to count the number of reviews within a range of time?

I do all the time, I keep my timeline set to 1.25 days so I can get a good idea of what my next day will look like. But then I use the highlight feature to judge “If I skip my lunch review session due to my meeting, how many reviews will I have at my afternoon review session?” by highlighting from 11 - 4pm for example. It’s probably my favorite feature.

As a note… what do the different colors of the bars mean (specifically white / gray), they seem to occasionally flicker and change.

They go with the triangles underneath: current level and burn reviews.

Ah I see, so white overrides black if both are available. That explains why I didn’t notice. thanks

That flickering is evil…

WK is just too much fun. :slight_smile:

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How do I view my review timeline? I can’t find it. :frowning:
Do I need to get to a certain level before having this feature?

It’s a script

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Oh, sorry.
I skimmed the whole thread and assumed it’s a built-in feature.
I mean, the UI design just fits perfectly.
This is absolutely brilliant! Thanks for this! :smiley:


How did you set this up on mobile? Please teach me, sensei~!