Haven't skipped one day of reviews. Still I saw this today




So what now? All at once?


I’d break it down into manageable chunks throughout the day


How many apprentice items do you have?


Oooft! That’s a beast. I’d break that down into four or five sessions…


How many times a day do you do your reviews? I always use the Wanikani Ultimate Timeline script to check when’s the next “big chunk” of reviews so it never accumulates that much, lol.


I am surprised you have that many piling up at level 9, but I definitely get chunks of 200+ because I’m going full speed ahead.


167 apprentice lol,


Once or twice a day usually


Another thing you can do is spread out your lessons (if you haven’t already been doing that). You can still obtain good speed as long as you prioritize radicals and kanjis.


That seems like good advice until you just end up forgetting.


Another vote for the “break it up into chunks” approach.

Unless the queue contains level-critical items, I usually aim to do at least 50, hitting “wrap-up” when I reach the target. That then gives me another 10 for luck.
If I have a spare minute I sometimes do a quick-fire round, where I start the session and immediately hit wrap-up. It all adds up! :slight_smile:


Well that’s a lot… When those apprentice reviews line up with your guru/master/enlighten/burn reviews it’s gonna hurt. If you don’t mind that size of review pile then keep doing what you’re doing. If you think that’s too much then reduce the number of apprentice items you have by limiting lessons you do.


How…Do you have really low acc or something?


Just did 245 after lazing out the past few days. My vote is one go, you’ll feel a lot better once everything is 0.
Although this should come with saying, but only do them if the accuracy will be high. It’s pointless to do ifi they’re all levelling down :slight_smile:



I work a 9 - 5 and my job usually involves tight deadlines, so I can’t just take a “study break” like some users do. The Ultimate Timeline script is a lifesaver. It allows me to time my lessons so that I end up with a manageable amount of reviews (less than 150 a day) even if can only do them mornings and afternoons.

I know there’s also an anti-burnout script somewhere that limits the amount of lessons you can do based on how many items you have on apprentice, effectively limiting the reviews you do per day, but I haven’t used it myself.


Haha, yeah. True. Already managed them all. Did them in 3 sessions. About 97% accuracy, so I should be fine.

I have 187 in apprentice now. Lmao.

@Vanilla: What do you mean low acc? Level 9


When you do your reviews, do you do poorly? Even going at full speed, I usually am at 100 apprentice items…so its weird for you to have so many.


:raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed: that’s me. 184 apprentice cause my brain no work good.

Also, now with the new baby, and the new job that I can’t take study breaks from, I get one review a day sometime after shes asleep. I keep telling myself I’ll get up early and do a before work review, but when you get at most 6 hours of sleep, in 1.5-2 hour chunks, that snooze button is too tempting.


Not really. My accuracy is about 98% I believe? No idea how!


I went at full speed (at least up to level 46), and typically my apprentice stayed under or near 100 also. I think really the only ways to get apprentice items much higher than that are to #1 get apprentice or guru reviews wrong and #2 do a ton of lessons at one time (especially if you just leveled up or had a backlog of vocabs). Since you have 148 apprentice vocabs, I’d guess that’s probably what happened…