What does 一時亭止 mean?

I am not getting any results for the last two kanji of this…thing? On jisho it says the reading is ちんどめ when I put the 一時 and the 亭止 in the search results together, but when I look at it separately it just doesn’t exist, even when I try typing it just doesn’t show up as an option unless I separately typed in the individual kanji (as in it won’t correct or give me the kanji when I scroll through the options with the space bar). Do any of you know what it means?

Did you mean this? The third kanji is a bit different


Oh my gosh I realized I chose the wrong kanji when looking by radical, thank you


BTW if you like you can always ask on this thread instead of opening your own for quick questions like this:

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(no obligation though :upside_down_face:)


Ah, I was looking for a non grammar one but couldn’t find it, so thank you

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