What kanji is this? Similar to 達 or 違

Hi, so I’m currently trying to read some dialogs and documents in a game, and there is a kanji that it’s just impossible for me to figure it out. Anyone could help me?satanic_kanji

It does look very much like 達, but I’m not 100% sure.

I feel like that’s 達する.

What makes you think it isn’t?


Because I’ve never studied the form of 達している, indeed, only words with that kanji, like 速達、友達、発達、など. Thanks both very much.


Right, that makes sense. You usually come across 達 with plurals, so it can kinda throw you off when you see it in a verb, but I’m pretty sure that it says 達した there. :slight_smile:

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Yeah. The full sentence would be: 一つは、地下室まで達した根から得ている養分です。
Thanks again!

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I’m gonna reuse this thread because I’ve more questions regarding other kanjis. I hope It’s not a problem:

there is this two kanjis that I don’t understand:

Before them, there is: 事故直後、??した職員が地下室の水槽を壊したため、現在地下室は水浸しだ。