Does anyone know what these kanji are?

I can read the first two; they’re 暗 and 中, but I don’t know what the last two are and am finding it hard to decipher their components due to the font.

I don’t know Chinese so I have absolute no idea what it means, but the characters seem to be 暗中观察.

Google does return a lot of results for this four hanzi combination, so it is most likely correct.


Yeah its used for when you’re sneakily watching someone like how the cat in the shirt is peeking around the corner.


Ahh thank you! I didn’t even stop to think that it could be Chinese tbh. Thanks!

Thank you :smiley:

观 is a simplified kanji that does not exist in Japanese. The right part is the simplified version of 見. I believe its counterpart is 観.


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