What do you want now? (Request extensions here)

Yeah, I considered handling that case too by only doing the replacement if the total lesson count != 0, but I figured ‘0 / 0’ seemed fine to me as it isn’t really ambiguous in any way.

If you wanted to do that though, I think this would work well enough:

        if (!lessonCountContainer || !totalLessonCount) {

Is there an extension replacing the new “Joe” reading mnemonic with the old “Jourm” yet?


I don’t suppose anyone here knows whether Kanshudo has an API and if so how accessible it is? Ever since checking out their site, I’ve been pining to be able to learn with their mnenomics rather than WaniKani’s. But I don’t know if it’s remotely reasonable to ask for a script that would import from their database and display on WaniKani. For all I know it’s a jealously kept feature of using their site.

I don’t believe they have any sort of public API and even if they did, this line from their terms and conditions would rule out any script using their mnemonics outside of the site:

Kanji mnemonics may not be copied, downloaded from the site, or reproduced in any way.

Edit: in particular, the mnemonics are called out separately from other Kanshudo data in these terms; the other data may at least be used for personal study only with the express permission of Kanshudo. But the mnemonics do not seem to be included in this clause. They also say “Most of our data is available to license, and we offer bulk export and custom formatting services”, but it is not clear if this would include mnemonics either.

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Does anyone know if there is an add-on to add the time to the displayed date that vacation mode was activated on? E.g. “Your current vacation was activated on February 10, 2024 at 13:54”, or something similar.

May I please request a userscript to revert the font change bc I find this one hard on the eyes and liked the old one better

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I’ve made a little userstyle for Stylus to change the font of items back:

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Option to toggle meaning to be displayed once you either answer correctly or incorrectly on review.

Sometimes I know for sure the kanji sounds/spelling but I may be 80% certain of the exact meaning and would like reassurance before continuing.

Obviously I know I can click more info and then meaning but just to make it streamlined/quicker.

This can be done by Double Check script (though you don’t need to enable the Double Check / Undo feature).

The problem after that is it normally scrolls on Show Info, so I made a script to prevent that.

This script does what you want.

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I’ll check that out and see if it works for me.
I’m on IOS iPhone 13 using Userscripts app on Safari.

No that script doesn’t do what I’m asking. Perhaps I didn’t explain it right.

But what I’m asking for is when you get tested for the phonetics/hiragana of a kanji, I would like the meaning to be displayed, in addition to the correct phonetic/hiragana.

Ahhh that script is so close but not exactly.
It does show the info, but what I want is for it to show the meaning when answering phonetics/hiragana. Maybe I can fool around with script and tweak it a bit

I have this script that might be simpler to tweak. Not sure if it is still working, though.

This is the first time i could not install a script because of
Error: @match: Could not parse the pattern: https://www.wanikani.com
any idea whats wrong here?

Silly mistake on my part, forgot the /. I wonder if different script managers handle this in different ways since others seem to have been able to install without issue.

I did a little search, but couldn’t see anything.

I’m wondering if there is a skip to the end userscript? Is that even feasible? Sometimes I get hung up on a single kanji/vocabulary, so usually I just write anything to progress. More often than not though, I sit there for ages trying to recall it, and it just becomes a bottleneck to my reviews.

I would prefer to just skip those items until the end, because sometimes, given a bit of time, I can recall them. I’m asking this after having been sat on 目次 for the past 20 minutes. I have remembered the reading (it took me about 10 minutes), but I can’t remember the meaning! :sweat_smile: I want to just skip it to the end and continue with the rest of my reviews! :smiling_face_with_tear:

edit: table of contents!!!

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Thanks! I’ll give it a whirl!

Why would you do this to yourself?
If you dont know an item within a few seconds mark it as wrong and move on.

The only time i ever spend 20 minutes on a review session was when i had let the pile grow to just over 200.