What do you want now? (Request extensions here)

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This is probably the closest you can get. You can’t preemptively burn items, it’s just not something you can do, otherwise everyone would be level 60 in a day. However this userscript, if you set it up correctly, skips the reviews and passes them automatically, if a filtered item comes up


Is there a script that will show me the exact SRS level of an item during a review (i.e. “Apprentice III” instead of just “Apprentice”)? I found a few scripts for that on this forum but they all appear to be old and unmaintained, so almost certainly not functional anymore with the newest updates.

yes, there are several. I made one a while back that I still use.

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Quite a silly and quick script, but I just need to make it – WaniKani Review Button always clickable

WaniKani really should update Review button count hourly.


Thank you kindly for this, it saves me a headache. I’ll still submit a feature request about updating the review button count automatically. (As soon as I figure out where one goes to submit feature requests).

Hello! Is there any extension that puts in a counter for how many questions are left in a review? Like, specifically that counts the full number of how many more things I need to submit, rather than items left. The little bar on top of the reviews only goes up once you’ve finished both the reading and the meaning of an item, but if anyone has something that will tick down with each individual correct response that’d be great!

I really, really wish there was a way to :cherries: cherry pick kanji :cherries: to add to one’s lesson set. It would just be so nice…

That said, I want to thank all of the folks who have taken the time to code extensions. It’s such a gift to the rest of us.