[Userscript] Review Audio Tweak 4

I really liked the original Review Audio Tweak scripts that played the audio during meanings as well as readings (as long as you’ve already got the reading question correct), which imo is great to help reinforce your listening skills.
Unfortunately they’ve stopped working properly, so here’s a quick (and slightly messy) rewrite of them, just in case anyone might find it useful!
Just click the link to install with a script manager like Tampermonkey, no dependencies to worry about.

Version 0.2: Added compatibility with Double Check
Version 0.3: Audio button should now enable and be clickable for the relevant items! (hotkey isn’t working yet)


Thanks, I am liking this script :slight_smile:


You’re a saint, sir!

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Updated to 0.3:
Audio button now works, in addition to the automatic audio playing. Hotkey still doesn’t at the moment though. Let me know if anyone runs into any bugs with it :smile:

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