What do you want now? (Request extensions here)

Reorder Omega does have one.


oh thanks a lot!

Is there a plugin or setting that shows the reading, or a reading, on kanji/vocab lessons up at the top where it shows the kanji/vocab and the meaning?
I always start lessons by looking at the top and seeing the kanji/vocab and the meaning, and trying to guess the reading, clicking over to the reading tab to see if I’m right, and then switching back to the Meaning tab. It would be less distracting if the reading were already up there with the other information.

Unfortunately it seems your script broke with the last update (like most userscripts). :frowning: Do you have any plans to update it?

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@Sinyaven is there any chance at all of reimplementing WaniKani Later Crabigator? It is already sorely missed for me, though I fully understand if it’s just not viable to make it work or it is just too much work to make a completely new script with this functionality. Y_Y

For now, I just wanna say how much I’ve appreciated the seemingly simple thing of being able to postpone a specific kanji or vocab item on the fly as I did my reviews.



@JuiceS @ekg When the changes to WK were announced, I created a helper script to manipulate the queue, which I intended to use in all my scripts that need to change the queue order. However, I only realized later on that WaniKani forgets about all half-answered reviews after every reorder:

I will try to find a workaround for updating Later Crabigator, but it might take a while. Also, @rfindley has hinted at a potential way to avoid WaniKani forgetting half-answered questions, so maybe I can use this once it’s ready:


I’m just glad to hear you’re thinking about creating a fix. Take your time. :slight_smile:


Thanks so much for trying to find a solution even though it seems quite difficult with the new changes. No stress though, I’d be happy if you get it to work again at all.


I’m not sure why the counter for lessons you just completed (next to the items remaining) was removed, but I like to see how many lessons I’ve done, mostly so I can pace myself.
A script that add that back would be amazing :pray:t2:

IIRC, it was removed, because wanikani doesn’t store your sessions anymore like it used to (if you refresh your page, partial completions are also gone). I already asked this exact thing from scott and sent in a feature request to have it back. Maybe you can do the same to show that there is interest.

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I see, that make sense. Thank you for the respond!
Might be a silly question, but where’s the place to request a feature?

A bit unrelated but another thing I noticed, did tying “nn” for ん become mandatory? I used to be able to finish an answer with “n” and it’d be accepted but not anymore. I’ll get used to it, but it is a bit frustrating. (Sorry for sticking it in the reply haha)

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You need to drop them an email at hello@wanikani.com

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Not exactly what you are looking for, but if you use the Heatmap script you can click on an individual day to get some stats about the reviews you did that day

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And someone did just that.

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Isn’t this for reviews though?

Everyone was complaining about the now-missing summary page and someone whipped out a script to replace it. Works quite nicely!

I know, but they were asking about the number of lessons they did during this session

Just amplifying @Kumirei’s reply that this info can be obtained from the heatmap script.

Example screenshot

(My final lesson :smile:)

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Click on the percentage and you will get all the information.

Yes, but not lesson info

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