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Throws up hands. I checked it with reviews. Please try it yourself and see if it works for you. I didn’t write it, I just noticed it on Greasy Fork, tried it, and found it useful.

It’s useful for displaying summary information after reviews.

I suspect you’ll find it’s less useful for displaying summary information after lessons, which was @Gorbit99’s point (and what @seeji was requesting).

Not even after the lessons, I don’t think, we seem to have used it for the same purpose, to tell how many lessons we’ve done during that session, so we can have x done in an hour

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I’m sorry, now I’m not following.

I’ve not installed the script but from the screenshots it appears to show review session information, not lesson session information, no?

I’m confused by the words “even” and “we” in your reply.

I’m saying, that you are right, it’s not what @seeji is looking for (or me for that matter). Basically, the thing this is about is that small icon, that was in the old wk lessons page. While you were doing lessons, you could see how many you’ve done.


Sorry to beat this to death, but I want to make sure I (and anyone else that cares) fully understands:

First of all, lessons and reviews are different things (hopefully obvious to anyone who’s completed a level).

Currently, the lessons pages show the number of available lessons remaining (separated by radical/kanji/vocabulary):

Those numbers (next to the inbox-tray icon) decrease as you complete the quizzes for each batch of items.

Previously, there was also a count of all lessons completed (regardless of type) next to a checkmark in the upper right:

(Apologies for the non-default styling – it was the only screenshot from before that I could find easily).

The number next to the checkmark increased as you completed quizzes and is no longer available after the update.

Please note that this specific issue is not related to lesson summary page (that went away in the most recent release), it used to be on the lesson pages themselves.

I don’t have a solution for this, but documenting the issue as clearly as possible makes it easier for WK (or anyone else) to come up with one.[1]

@seeji You can make a formal request to get the feature back by emailing hello@wanikani.com. You may want to include a link to this reply so they can see the screenshots.[2]

You should also describe your workflow as fully as possible: don’t assume anything. Include something like “I like to do exactly ten lessons per day, every day. Previously I could just keep an eye on the number next to the checkmark on the lessons pages (screenshot above) to know how many lessons I’d already completed. Currently, I can only see how many available lessons remain.”

It pays to be pedantic and include as much info as possible when communicating requirements.

  1. I realize that not everyone has screenshots from before the upgrade squirreled away, and it’s hard to remember exactly how things looked before. ↩︎

  2. Click on the chain-link icon below this reply to copy the link to your clipboard. ↩︎

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Yep, exactly this

Just a minor thing, but I miss be able to use the ‘enter’ key go to the next page during lessons.

I suspect you’re aware that it was replaced with g instead of enter, but there is also this userscript to make enter work again.


Thank you!

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I do apologize for the lack of clarification in my initial comment - thank you for the reply. I’ll submit a formal request regarding this. :slightly_smiling_face:

Undo asap.

Getting decimated with WK shitty synonyms. Fun to get 50% accuracy on burn items when atleast a quarter of them have synonyms that are either lacking or wrong.

The fact that I’m considering googling the term WK uses is just sad. Guessed the answer in my head, checked quickly with yomichan, still got it wrong due to the most common translation not being adequate.

I just can’t.

Edit: The absolute state of this.


What I do in case of typos for the time being, is simply refreshing the page. The progress isn’t kept around anymore between page reloads, so it wipes your mistakes as well (alongside all the other, half answered questions sadly)

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Hi, you’re probably super busy resurrecting other scripts, but I thought I’d post a bug report for curiosity’s sake (at least I thought this was an interesting bug). It’s not like it doesn’t work anymore, so it’s nothing urgent :3

The Log out all shortcut disappeared after the notification dropdown changed a week ago or so. But it shows up again when I’m in any random thread (i.e. not on the community front page) and click inspect on the normal log out button, like so:

Was pleasantly surprised to discover that it was still working in a way, haha :D

Oh! No apology required.

I just figured that if I didn’t understand, it’s possible others didn’t either. Screenshots help. I thought it was the no-longer-existent summary page that was the concern, I didn’t realize they’d removed the counter from the lesson pages themselves, too.

I actually see why it was removed, too (the whole idea of a “session” has technically gone away). It’s easy to report the current counts of available lessons, but since there is no more session it’s impossible to maintain a count.

They should be able to easily count how many lessons you’ve performed in the past 24 hours, though (or since 00:00 or whatever other time you choose). I suspect that might suffice for your uses (it would be the first question I’d ask you if I were going to write a script to provide the functionality).

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I was wondering if there is a script that would allow me to enter multiple good answers. Like for example I just learned a kanji again with multiple readings, or with meanings that are not entirely the same. I would love to have a way to answer during reviews with both. For example, reading of 怪 is both かい and け, and instead of randomly inputting one of them, I could input both, separated with a comma: かい、け. Or, input both ‘fortune, occupy’ when prompted to review 占.

Could this be possible? Is there a script for this already?

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Yeah, it make sense why it got removed, although it feels more of an after effect of removing the summery page rather than a decision to cut it out, so I hope there’s a way to implant it in other ways.

For me, I did realise I’m missing the summery page itself as well but, being able to see how many lessons I went thought as I go was very useful in order to not go too far and do too many that I couldn’t keep up with the reviews for later on. Sure I can subtract how many I have left after the fact, but even when I do 15-20 lessons a day I can lose track pretty easily (lessons are fun!) and strain myself. It’s not that big of a deal, mostly inconvenient at worst.

But either way, I’ll make sure to give a detailed account in my formal feedback/request (yet to write it) :pray:t2:


I’m not using it myself but I was pretty sure I saw one around, a quick search in the forums found this:

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Nice, thank you very much! I hope it still works with the new update, I’ll check it out.

Userscript that makes wanikani act like anki, can simply press spacebar after you have thought of the answer, and then tell it if you got it correct or not