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It is prouleau. Tag works better without a typo in the username.


Hello everyone. I am new to the forums but not to Wanikani. I’ve been struggling with leeches and I thought it would be useful to be able to categorize them, i.e. is it a leech because I can’t remember the reading or because I can’t remember the meaning?

In general, I think some kind of categorization/tag/bookmark system to mark different items could be useful.

I have a bookmark script (here), though it doesn’t support categorization. I can sit down and add it a bit later either tonight or the following week if you like the basics of the system

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That is excellent! Categorization would be lovely if you could add it. I wonder why it isn’t listed in the pinned post in this forum, I would have used it much sooner if I knew it existed.


Well, that’s easy to answer, I’m a lazy git that forgets to put his scripts in there.

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Are you free now?

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Thanks for reminding me! It is now on my todo list. Not sure when I will get to it, but eventually I will

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Kumirei’s todo list:


Congratulations! You’ve become me :wink:


An option for “onyomi preferred” when learning kanji. So, if an onyomi reading exists for a kanji, that would be the first one to memorize. This option would help users who are using the phonetic elements of many kanji (as in the Phonetic-Semantic Composition script).

@Wantitled recently created [Userscript] Wanikani Review Answer History which might help. Note the “Disclaimer” in the description post for what it can and can’t do. (This one doesn’t seem to be linked in the API and Third Party Apps Masterlist yet)

I also like ConfusionGuesser by @Sinyaven: it guesses which WK items you’re confusing when you enter a meaning/reading incorrectly and displays them in a sidebar during the review.

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Is there anything out there that will allow me to see both the meaning and the reading on the same page when doing lessons on chrome? The Tsurukame app does it and I find I’m able to make better mnemonics and tie the meanings and readings together better when I see them both at once. Thanks!

If anyone is feeling helpful right now, there’s a (probably) very simple-to-make script that could help me out a lot. I’m absolutely clueless when it comes to that stuff, so if anyone would be willing to make it for me, I’d be incredibly grateful! Here is what I’m looking for:

So I have a userscript that hides the English translation of the context sentences, making you hover over it in order to reveal it. For reference, I’ll leave a link to it below.

It’s certainly very useful to practice your reading and comprehension skills and has helped me a lot. But what I’m asking for now is the same script, but instead hiding the Japanese sentence. This would allow you to look at the English sentence first, translate it, and THEN look at a possible Japanese translation provided by WK.

I believe what I struggle with most is expressing myself in Japanese. If from now on, every time I learn a new word on WK, I get to use it in context (further reinforcing my memory of the newly learnt word), while simultaneously practicing to build sentences, and then looking at WK’s Japanese translation and comparing it with mine, if I make that a habit, how much would I improve in the long run?

As an idea, you could even make it hide both, so the script could be used either way: Japanese first OR English first. A blur spoiler like this could be cool be a good way to enhance the script. But even if it only hides the sentence just like in the script above, I’d be really happy.


It might get annoying having to first click to unblur the translation and then having to click again to unblur the Japanese sentence, but I implemented it as you suggested:


The original Hide Context Sentence script has a special place in my heart. The source code was so short and easy to understand that it got me into writing my own user scripts.


Fantastic, it works perfectly! Would give you two hearts if I could. Thanks a lot!


I recognize that this would be quite the undertaking, but a userscript to disambiguate “the same” meanings would be great. For example, having something on the pages for 林 and 森 saying what the difference between the two is.

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All this would need is a manually made list of text for each such instance. Even if you only consider primary meanings, that’s a lot of work. There were efforts to make such a list, but they never really got far.

Don’t know if there still is one, but would love a quick mode that immediately jumps to the next item when you answer correctly

That’s “Lightning Mode”. There’s an unsupported standalone version, but the Double-Check script (which is still supported) has Lightning Mode built in. You can disable all of the other features of Double-Check if you only want Lightning Mode.