What do you want now? (Request extensions here)

I didn’t know the 500-character limit was a thing, that kinda sucks tbh

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Maybe in 2013, in the beta phase, when they were originally added, it made more sense…

A Forum UserScript I would want. (but having no idea technically how to make.)

Move Bookmarked :bookmark: Topics to the top of the list. (It is akin to Post pinning, but more personal.)


Random question: how many bookmarks do you have in total? Should be visible to you on your summary page.

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11, but most (9/11) are old and locked (and forgotten).

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Then they probably all fit in this tab, no?


There haven’t been replies in this thread for a bit so hopefully this is still the place to request userscripts. Please let me know if this should go elsewhere.

So I’ve noticed that I often have several things that all clump together in reviews, and I end up associating them all with each other because they always show up together. I feel like this hurts my ability to recognize them on their own. Does somebody want to make a userscript that makes the wait time between reviews have a very slight variance? I’m thinking something small, like a 5% max deviation from what it’s supposed to be.

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@Kumirei can Reorder Omega do something like this?

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@Sudgy This cannot be done with Reorder Omega currently, but it would probably be easy to put a seeded RNG in a WKOF filter to filter out items if they fall within that (random) percentage. If no one else does it you can remind me in a couple of weeks (when I am back from travelling and settled into my new job) and I’ll do it for you

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I would love this!

One of the things I have always liked about Anki is the way that different things come up together at different times (because of this scatter effect). It makes me notice similarities and differences that I have never noticed before.

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Hi, I am audio visual learner and sligthly dyslexic. I know that when I do my anki reviews I retain word easier because I hear them constantly. Because I also listen music or something at the background while doing Wanikani review I don’t really hear the word much. Is there a scrip that would always play the audio of the correct word after doing the review.

Automatically playing the audio is already a setting, though?

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There is a setting in the App wanikani menu to autoplay the audio and another setting to select whether you want the male or female voice actor. There is a script to randomize the voice actor called Random Voice Actor.

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I requested this feature a few weeks ago for the Anki Mode script. There is a setting that auto plays audio on reading reveal.

Thank you. I will give it a try.

I would like a way to drill the vocabulary words of any given level in kana only, so that I could practice recognizing each word by its sound. I can easily recognize many words in kanji form, but I struggle to recognize them by sound only. Moreover we may find a given word we learned in WaniKani written in hiragana.

I think self study quiz has this option

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I confirm what @Kumirei said. Self study quiz will let you configure a quiz from vocabulary reading questions to English answer. Although this is not asked but it is relevant to the original question that you can also configure a quiz with vocabulary audio questions and English meaning answers in Self Study Quiz.


All hail the self-study quiz!

To pile on to @proleau’s response, I think audio might be better to learn to recognize “each word by sound” than even kana, though.

The “Voc Reading → Meaning” preset setting gives you precisely what you’re asking for (kana to meaning).

But you might find “Voc Audio → Meaning” and/or “Voc Audio → Reading” settings even more beneficial.

I was aware of that, but I would like to be able to read in kana. The quality of the recordings varies a lot.