What do you want now? (Request extensions here)

I would love to learn now but I’m supposed to be studying for an infamously difficult university entrance exam (STEP if you’ve heard of it) so I don’t really have the time to dedicate to a project like that. I shouldn’t really be spending much time on Japanese according to my teachers and friends but I’m not willing to give up on my main interest, even for a short time, just to get into a better university. I also should clarify that I do understand the general concepts in (offline) programming and I can do everyday IT, I just don’t really know the syntax of any major language for a combination of reasons, or more advanced IT as pretty much all my IT skills come from exploring my devices rather than taking proper courses.

I will learn a bit more about computers and some programming skills as part of my degree though as I am going to study maths!

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Have you looked at Kitsun? It is said to have a nice user interface, vocab packs and you can exclude WK vocab if you like. There is a thread about it here in the forums so you can read up on it beforehand.

Thanks, I’ll look into it! I imagine I’ll probably want to finish wk or get close before starting but I may change my mind

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I finally got around to looking at this. It was as simple as you said. Just had to reset l/unreadIndices in jStorage any time the user filtered or shuffled the queue. Thanks again!


So at Level 13 I now realize I haven’t been taking pitch accent seriously enough. What I want, if anyone knows how to do it or if there is a script, is for every time I answer a review question for the info section to automatically open up completely. That way I can see the pitch info and hit the “play” sound without a bunch of extra clicks. Is there an “auto-info-section-opener” script for reviews?

If you want the audio to play, you can have vanilla WK do that already. In the settings, go to “App” and have a look at these options:

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I could go for a script that randomly quizzes me on enlightened items without ranking them down XD. I get scared of not burning them and could go for some regular reviews.

Thanks! I should pay more attention, LOL! But I still would like an Auto-Info-Pages opener if there is one somewhere…

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Reorder Omega and Self Study Quiz both do these, I believe


Script that automatically pushes "Show all information"? This is worth a check probably. If it doesn’t work, I’ll whip something up.

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Doesn’t Double Check have a feature for this?


It actually does! Didn’t even know that one. Good catch


Hi folks. First post after a 4.5 year “vacation” (!) and a hard reset to level 1. One feature I might find useful, or at least interesting, is:

A way to see what my complete projected lesson/review timeline for the future will be.

That is, not just a timeline including the first instance of a review item coming up, but all instances at SRS stage up to and including when it would be burned. And also, lesson availability times on the timeline (assuming all goes well; see assumptions below).

It might work based on a few assumptions/settings:

  1. Assume 100% success rate in all future reviews, to accurately forecast SRS dates at each step until Burn, and times at which lessons would unlock.
  2. Assume all lessons/reviews are completed within a certain allocated block of time which you could configure as “per-item” variables. E.g. “Assume I take 2 minutes per reading/meaning pair per lesson session.”
  3. Set a certain schedule of times/days per week which would indicate “I would do new lessons/review in these hours on these particular days were they to become available”. Necessary for accurately projecting when Burn date would actually be.

Just throwing the idea out there, for now, in case no one has in the past! And if this is already an extension that I just didn’t come across, please let me know.

I think @UInt2048 has your back: [Userscript] WKStats Projections Page

And welcome back!

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Thanks and thanks! I will give it a look.


Let me know if you have any suggestions or improvements :wink:

Hello, If possible, I would like something that can organize the vocabulary into categories of verb, noun, adjective etc. Sometimes I want to try and practice sentences but it get hard to figure out where to start.

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@prouleau does the item inspector do something like this?

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I was also wondering about the Item Inspector, but in my case I want to study only transitivity pairs.

This is sometimes a kludge for me, and it’d be a ton of help if I could somehow arrange a short study session where I’m quizzed only on those. I wanted to do this for some time now, but I don’t think I can quite find the setup in the inspector.

Item Inspector can display the part of speech information but it cannot sort by it. The problem is most items have many relevant part of speech and I don’t know which one to use to categorize the item.

There is a part of speech filter that you can turn on in the Optional Filters setting. It can be used to select all items for which your selection of parts of speech apply. @Sundae98 @Yumari-1 you may try using this filter to list the items of interest to you. For example if you are interested in transitive verbs you can display all of them. Then the next day you display the na adjective etc.