What do you want now? (Request extensions here)

I’m not sure how close this is to what you’re looking for:


Can you make an app that makes me whole?


You’re right, I have described two different things. That’s the problem with posting before my brain has woken up!

I am looking for something that will display them in the order of pips. I’ll have a look at the suggestion @rfindley made and see if it fits. Thank you both!


You can also try this if you just need something very simple:


Oh hey, perfect! :star_struck:

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Warning: Followers have different hopes for where they end up. The WaniKani sect wants the Crabigator to return us to Planet Kanji. However, the Durthlic sects want to go to Durtle Heaven. There is another sect, which would like to be in Hell (unclear if this is the level group of 31-40)

Is anyone on here still taking userscript requests?

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There are a few who are willing to make a script on request if they feel like it. No guarantees, though


I still need the keyboard practice :joy:

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@Kumirei @Gorbit99

Ooh nice. In that case, I’ll describe my request, hopefully one of you or someone else feels like it’s not too ambitious. I’ll describe it in the order of my line of thinking since there’s a decent bit to set out and that order will (hopefully) make some sense.

Initially, I thought that it would be nice to have ‘expansion packs’ so to speak, that you could download/add after finishing level 60, which would teach vocabulary and kanji specific to certain areas of study/interest, eg. mathematics, politics, (general or specific) sports, construction, etc.
Basically for people with a specific hobby/interest/vocation who want to learn how to talk about those things in Japanese through wanikani.

I also noticed wanikani does lack some relatively common general vocabulary which uses the kanji it teaches, so perhaps there could also be one or more “general” expansion packs, basically continuing wanikani linearly beyond level 60 without specialising like the other packs would. Plenty of the common vocab wanikani doesn’t teach would be learnable at earlier levels though, so perhaps these expansion packs could be not only for post- level 60 users, but would rather contain vocab and kanji that are tagged with the earliest level they would be available to learn, just like native wanikani items. Personally, I’d love to actually just mix these in with my normal lessons and reviews, but I think it would be good to have a setting to either mix them or use a separate (but probably identical) interface.

Of course, being able to write a good script and being able to write a good expansion pack are not necessarily the same thing, so I came up with the idea of a script that acts like a kind of portal for expansion pack creation - people who have the script can compile their own packs and make them public. Other users with the script could then import these expansion packs into their own lessons, and leave ratings and comments on the packs. Even better, there could be a dedicated website to host this portal and the script would simply access the portal for import, but that may be a bit high-spec for this project (if it’s not though, I think it would be very useful!). Of course quality is important, probably to some people more than others, so if it would be possible for packs to get ‘verified’ by someone who is already proficient in the Japanese of the relevant subject area, that would be really good I think.*

I do think there should also be some level of cooperation to avoid redundancy, so we wouldn’t have 20 separate expansion packs titled “Mathematics” which shared like 90% of each other’s vocabulary. Instead, someone wanting to create an expansion pack about mathematics would have to first see if one already existed, and then contribute to that instead of creating a new one. Preferably their contributions would have to be approved by some number of people, maybe the number depends on how many people use the pack (so a pack with 10 users may only need 1 or 2 approvals, while one with 1000 users would need more like 10-50). There could be a Mathematics II for example, which shared precisely no vocabulary with Mathematics I and had on the whole (I’d say at least 90-95%) more advanced and/or less common vocab than Mathematics I, and is designed to be started after Mathematics I is finished.

Anyway, there is probably more to my idea that I forgot so I’ll edit the post if I remember them. Summary of key points:

  • The script either acts as or accesses an expansion pack portal.
  • People can use the portal to create expansion packs.
  • An expansion pack is a collection of vocab and kanji with associated definitions and minimum levels for them to appear in lessons (or perhaps conditional on certain items being guru).
  • Redundant expansion packs should be avoided in favour of collaborating on one pack for a certain topic. Additions and edits should require some degree of community approval.
  • Other people can use the portal to import expansion packs into their wanikani.
  • Imported expansion packs can either be mixed into the normal lesson and review queues, or learned and reviewed through a separate interface.
  • Users can also rate and comment on published expansion packs.
  • Preferably, experts in the field can ‘verify’ a pack so users can be guaranteed it is high quality.*

Phew, I think that’s everything. I know (or at least, I’m pretty sure) this is quite a huge proposal, but I really think if it’s possible to implement something like this with scripts it would be hugely useful to so many people. I think the most difficult part (excluding the programming of it which I have no idea about) would be getting people who are already proficient in an area to contribute their knowledge. Perhaps there could be some way of rewarding them, but I’m not sure how that would be done other than with money and I’m not sure how this project would raise money to fund that. If anyone has any ideas though or other ways of rewarding, please share!

*Just noticed the ‘expert verifying’ strategy and the ‘avoiding redundancy’ strategy (which I came up with afterwards) both solve the same problem so maybe the first one isn’t needed. I definitely think avoiding redundancy is important though, as it helps not only with quality control but also ease of use.

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Sounds like Anki… :wink:


I agree, but this would have a lot of benefits that Anki doesn’t have. It doesn’t avoid redundancy for example, or have a built up framework of radicals and specific keywords for those kanji and radicals, or mnemonics involving those keywords. It also doesn’t know when you are ready to learn a certain word based on what other words you know. (Also wanikani interface is just so much nicer lol)

This is actually very close to something I’m working on: [UserScript] Integrated Custom SRS
Though the script version for reasons beyond the scope of this reply is not very stable.
About the whole rating and contributing part. I call these packs “decks” (anki wording). I’m meaning to make them shareable and it would be great to have a thread in the future where people can share their own decks. But I don’t think the idea of having to vote on decks or contribute to them is a good idea. You and I might have completely different ideas about what makes a mathematical deck a good deck. You might want a simple one that has all the terms up to geometry or something, while I might say, that I hate geometry with a passion, but I rather had calculus words in it as well. So I would make the whole process much more open. Also, scripts work like that and you don’t see many of them being duplicated or redone ('cept for reorder, reorder is basically a seasonal show).

Forgot to mention, because of how the script needs to work, I’m rewriting it currently from the ground up as an extension (by currently I mean I have made the directory for it on my system at least)

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Oh boy, that is certainly a big request. I’m afraid it’s a bit too big for my taste; the Heatmap and Reorder Omega are about as ambitious as I want to get with scripts. I think you’re better off with plain old Anki in this case, or Kitsun if you want something more managed

This is actually something I would love to see in Anki, it’s a shame it doesn’t have it yet

If anyone feels like it, I’m open to starting up a public github and starting development properly there. It might be too big for one person, but maybe a couple?

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Just as a heads up, I am not able to help with this. Scripting is on the back burner for me atm. I have a lot of scripts (actually, just over 100 of them) to maintain already, and as soon as I get my SSN I’ll have to start job hunting as well

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The decks could also be organised into subdecks, for example there could be one unified Mathematics deck, but it contains Geometry and Calculus as subdecks, which you can choose to exclude when importing (or indeed, toggle them on and off whenever you feel like it). Though I do feel like for the lower level of a certain topic, especially academic/vocational topics, it’s useful to know all the basic words even if you aren’t particularly interested in the area they happen to be from.

Wow, it’s no exaggeration to say that this looks to me like a script sent straight from heaven. I’m so excited to see this ready, and I really wish I was more experienced with programming so I could help with it.

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i kinda like your choice for your profile.

Having said that, if you do start up a public github, I’ll try and help with whatever I can when I have time


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