What do you want now? (Request extensions here)

After turning that filter on, it does work to get only transitive/intransitive verbs displayed, so that’s already a nice perk.
I will do some arranging in python to get the exact setup I want.

A Rikaikun which can access WK
So Rikaikun is one of these plugins which can give information on Japanese text on any web page while hovering avove with the mouse. But it’s not in Javascript. Otherwise I perhaps would have give it a shot myself to add the feature (Not sure how difficult it would be for someone normally using other languages and not so much a web programmer.)
I used WK for about three years until Corona started and finished all Kanji until 60. Now I restarted again and It seems I didn’t forget all. When doing reviews and refreshing the stories and own notes I added I feel I can relearn a lot of stuff pretty quickly.
I also have a certain understanding of grammar. So I would like to read simple Japanese texts online with reviewing the currently needed Kanji with WK.
Next step could be web novels :slight_smile:

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Access in what sense? What would it do besides what rikaikun is capable of doing already?

Also, rikaikun I believe is a bit old, yomichan is currently the one being recommended.

Also also, both of them are javascript, they are open source and all.

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Sure, I also could take yomichan. But can yomichan access my WK account? At least I had to be able to enter my apikey somwhow to do that.

But what would it do with the api key? What would it access?


I’m not sure where our problem of understanding is :slight_smile:
Anyways, in addition to the data yomichan is giving me I want to access MY Wanikani data to relearn a Kanji I forgot by
rereading the story Wanikani gave me. My own story if I saved one.
Perhaps you think that’s irrelevant and doesn’t help. But did I at least make clear what I want?

Ah, now I understand. Yeah, that’s definitely not a quick thing to do. I doubt the yomichan contributors would take this feature in, and writing a new yomichan is an exercise in futility. And sadly, last I tried, you can’t really modify the html elements an extension put on the page. So probably the best option you have is to check manually for those kanji.

So now that it’s clear what Im looking for:

  • Press a modifier key.
  • Select one or more kanji.
  • Release modifier key.
  • Add selection to a Wanikani link to kanji or vocab (For more than one kanji)
  • Open in a new tab.
  • Example WaniKani / Kanji / 力 for the power kanji.
  • Perhaps personal access is already configured if I have a Wanikani tab in the browser where I’m logged in?
    What do the experts say? How could this be achieved as simple as possible?

This would most likely be an extension. You mentioned you can write javascript? Seems like a simple project, why not give it a shot yourself? Writing extensions isn’t too different from writing userscripts

Perhaps I will give it a shot when I’m on vacation the week before Easter. The problem isn’t Javascript but knowing the DOM.
So my hope was that for some experts this perhaps would be a coffee break feature :slight_smile: Why should I reinvent the wheel?
Otherwise it’s still possible to copy a selection to an already open tab with a link to kanji or vocab.
Would be just a nice and convenient feature like icing on the cake.

I don’t think you need to handle the dom too much. There should be events for selecting some text, maybe you could hook into that and that’s it.

How about an extension that, instead of when you get a review question wrong and check the info, it doesn’t say “You should know how to read this (lol, idiot)” it actually provides you with the best part of Wanikani, the clues that helped you learn a kanjis reading in the first place? So the original Kanjis story/mnemonic.

Also, “Pie in the sky”, I wish Wanikani had a option to send an item to the front of the review queue like Anki. No matter what level it is, I can choose restart its progress. Not only burned items. Although this fault in Wanikani is helping me cut the umbilical cord and I am just adding any instance that brings this about to add it to one of my Anki decks.


By this, do you mean like completely reset its progress back to apprentice 1? If so, I don’t think this can be done through a userscript without completely faking it, which is a whole another beast to tackle.

Something like this, but fully filled out?

Actually I had this idea about creating a script where you could click on a vocab item, kanji or radical and that would open up a popup with the info about that, where you could also click on other items and you could then step back or just click away, kinda like https://kai.kanjiapi.dev/


Yes to both. That would be great, your screen shot is awesome!


Check this out, if it works for you.

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I would like to have a spot on my lesson page that would let me know if I have any new messages on the forum.

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Plugin that lets you create your own self-study quiz and flashcard sessions based on your progress, broken down by either WK or JLPT level. Probably already exists, I just don’t know where to find it.

This probably has that feature


Can you either reply to this message or like it, so I can get a notification? :joy:


Threw this together quickly, check if it works for you. Might act weird the first time you run it, don’t worry about that.

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