What do you want now? (Request extensions here)

Thank you!! :heart: :slight_smile:

In case someone wants to reuse this: at least in my case (probably because I put this into a separate userscript with its own scope?) I had to wrap it so that it would load the data first:

(function() {
        wkof.ItemData.get_items({wk_items: {options: {assignments: true}, filters: {item_type: 'kan'}}}).then((data)=>{
            var date_list = [];
            var items = {};
            for (var key in data) {
                if (data[key].assignments) {
                    items[data[key].assignments.started_at] = data[key];

Mine is 版. Slightly underwhelming but now I know. :slight_smile:
Thanks again, @Kumirei


I’m really surprised I couldn’t find this one so I’m not sure if I’m missing something, but a script that hides the amount of remaining items in review and the amount done. Letting you for example hover over where it was to see it again would also make it perfect. Also letting you just hide one or the other sounds useful and easy to do, at least through script editing.

I find seeing how many are left and how many I’ve done when I’ve let the stack get too big a little demoralizing and I can’t stop looking at those numbers while I review. I don’t know if hiding them will help much but it should at least help me stay focused.

Hopefully this is a nice easy script to make, or I’ve simply not found an existing one while looking for it. The closest I found was a page theme that I don’t think quiet does what I want and honestly I’d much prefer it in script form. Thanks for anyone who tries!

Totally agree.

There’s this, which hides the remaining count and the progress bar (by yours truly). It doesn’t let you hover or anything, it just removes it.

If you also want to hide the percentage (which I like to do), and the number of items done, you can use the following instead of what’s in the link above.

#reviews #progress-bar,
#stats {
    display: none !important;

Ah thanks. This is what I found before but I think I misunderstood it before somehow. Thanks for making it by the way. Have to ask though can it be easily toggled and how does it play with other scripts? (I have a lot) I’ve not used userstyles before so I have no idea, sorry.

I dont know if this is the right place… But i use the wanikani Android app a lot as its way more flexible.
So i was wondering if it would be possible to incorporate the learning reorder script into the app. I would like to learn the radicals and Kanji first and then do vocabs over the period it takes to level but I currently don’t have a computer so I have to go through mountains of vocab before reaching the radicals and kanji.

You should post this question on the app’s thread. It’s probably this one: [Client App] WaniKani for Android

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If you install it as a style (they can also be installed as script, unless Stylish changed that) then you can toggle it as easily as checking or unchecking its box in the extension.


However, if you install it as a script you would have to toggle the script and refresh the page.

Either way it will not interfere with any other script whatsoever; it doesn’t alter anything, it just makes it so that the things don’t display, they’re still there.


The basic functionality.

Basically the means to add own kanji and vocab. Even if it’s only local for my PC at home.

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Thanks! Good to know. Still wish there was a more fleshed out version but I can’t fault you for that am I’m glad there’s at least something for it.

I’ll make a new and better script for it when I get the time

Is it reasonable to request for Chrome extensions that pair with WK here? I’ve seen WK Rikaichan (which I’ve never used because its FF) and the Wanikanify which I just installed and is pretty neat.

Ideally, I’d like to highlight/flip switch any random webpage (much like Rikaikun but a large quantity of words) and have it recognize which kanji I’ve encountered thus far through WK (like Wanikanify). Perhaps a percentage of known material, break down by SRS item distribution or even change each kanji to a respective WK guru’d level color.

Kanji only would probably be more reasonable given the amount of missing vocab in the WK library.

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That’d be great! Doesn’t need to have everything under the sun but I do think having some way to check during sessions (the easier the better since I’ve got time limit scripts) and being able to hide the amount done and/or the amount left separate would go a long way. Of course just do what you can though, don’t have to worry much about getting it perfect or anything. Good luck!

One extension idea that I thought would be nice for vocab acquisition and recall is scalable example sentences during reviews.

There is already an extension for context sentences during reviews:

And there is another extension that provides additional example sentences during Lessons and during Reviews, but which can only be seen after an answer has been provided: https://greasyfork.org/en/scripts/34540-wanikani-example-sentences

*Sorry for the dim lighting on some of the images. I use a shade feature on my computer to prevent eye strain.

My request would be an extension that displays example sentences during reviews like the first image illustrates, but has a way of sourcing through context sentences like those in the third, which is only showing sentences with known vocab. If there were several example sentences with vocab known by the user, then perhaps a feature could be created to randomly generate and display one sentence from the known vocab sentences.

Thanks I have posted my request there, it seems a bit dead there though.

Is there a reorder script that can put apprentice items first during reviews?

I usually have my main study session in the evening, but I’d like to do a short session in the morning for time-sensitive apprentice items. A delay of 12 hours plays a way bigger role on 4-, 8- or even 24- hour items than on 7+ days of Guru+ items. And I can be buried under the latter ones in the morning session while trying to find my apprentice items.

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I believe this is the one


Went poking around on that wiki masterpost but could not find anything quite like I was looking for.

Is there a script that will tell me, while waiting for reviews to unlock, what SRS level (and ideally apprentice/guru sublevel) the items on the review will be?

Preferably without telling me exactly what the items to be reviewed will be. I’d like to know if I’m going to just be practicing new-ish things or advancing old items to higher levels (but without giving me specific information).

You can set the timeline script to indicate SRS level with different colors


Oh! There are settings that hide the list of specific items. That’s what I was looking for, thanks!

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I’m having trouble installing extensions with an old edition of Internet Explorer. Is there something like Tampermonkey/Greasemonkey that works?