What do you want now? (Request extensions here)

If you enable the button in the settings, the lightning mode toggle button appears in the upper left corner of the review screen.

Yeah, I meant like a keyboard shortcut :slightly_smiling_face: Like how F is to open the info or backspace is to retype the answer

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That would be awesome!

Of, right, of course. :sweat_smile:
I’m only awake because of a $#!@ hang-up phone call before I was ready to wake up. (I was working until ~2am)

Anyway… I glanced at the code, and it doesn’t look like it has a hot-key. If you want to re-mention it in the Double Check thread, I’ll be sure to add it next time I’m working on that script.

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Oof, that sucks DD::
I’ll mention it then, thanks!:slight_smile:

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That looks great! Can’t wait to try it out when it’s ready.



For a new extension :

I would like one that can allow you see the type of reading (on’yomi/kun’yomi) for the kanji/voca you get wrong in the reviews session

Something really cool would be an all in one userscript with buttons to toggle which script you wanna use cause reinstalling them one after the other is tedious.

Tembermonky plugin does that for you, you don’t even have to uninstall the script you can just disable them

I’d love a way to know how many total reviews I have left to do.

There are 478 radicals, 2,027 kanjis and 6,303 words (with both vocabulary and readings). The SRS is a 9-step process, so beating the Crabigator implies successfully passing an intimidating 154,242 reviews.
However, if successfully answering a review brings you 1 step closer to victory, a wrong answer may pull you several steps back, or no step back at all (if it was already at step 1).

i’d love to know where I stand now, and for each review session, how closer it got me to my ultimate goal.

i posted this a while ago:
is there any thing that can do some, if not all of the following:

1-keeps track of your wrong reviews and keeps them in one place to review at a later time.
2-provides distinct and helpful sentences for wrong reviews.
3-shows kanji or vocabulary that may be confused because of subtle differences in kanji and meaning like 屋上 and 屋根/ 湯気 and 陽気.
4-shows an anime or drama clip where the vocabulary is used (one can only dream :sweat_smile:)

please and thank you :smiley:
number 4 is a bit of a day dream but the rest may be helpful.

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yeah except when I change machines

This shouldn’t be hard to program, and if it already exists, please let me know:
A script that lets you type in different radicals and then it looks in the kanji database and sees which kanji use that combination of radicals.

So for example, I could type: Prison, Spoon, Sun, and it would return 渇, 掲, and 喝: the three kanji in the WK system that use those three radicals.

I think it would help those of us who are trying to differentiate between similar looking kanji. (And unfortunately the “Visually Similar Kanji” portion of WK Kanji listings is incomplete and subjective anyway).

Of course one can already simply look at one of the radicals in question (in the Found In Kanji section of the radical listing) and then find the other kanji you were looking for among others, but that returns more noise than signal. In my example above, if I just look for kanji made with the Prison radical, I get 22 kanji including the three I was looking for.


I need a robot that will forcefully remove any form of distraction by eliminating it with their laser-beam eyes.



RIP WK forums then :cry:


Maybe this is a more than can be achieved with tamper monkey but i’d Love a place to add in bits of vocab into the wanikani queue. This is partly inspired by the ‘Things WaniKani doesn’t teach you’ threads and also by a constantly running into words I want to learn.

Ideally it would go something like this

  1. Run into a word
  2. Look it up on WK
  3. If it’s in a future WK level show the card
  4. If it’s not in WK and contains kanji from a future level add it to the vocab at the end of the level where the last kanji is unlocked
  5. If it contains a kanji not in WK put it at the end of level 60
  6. If it contains kanji already learnt, put it at the end of the current level
  7. If it’s something you should already know, blow a raspberry

Basically something that allows me to expand the WK vocabulary and still keen using Tsurukame to do the reviews.

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Is there any script that shows a detailed lesson history? I just realized thanks to wkstats that I recently added lessons for my 1000. kanji and although this is completely useless, I would just like to know which one it was.

If you have WKOF then something like this should work

wkof.ItemData.get_items({wk_items: {options: {assignments: true}, filters: {item_type: 'kan'}}}).then((data)=>{
    var date_list = [];
    var items = {};
    for (var key in data) {
        if (data[key].assignments) {
            items[data[key].assignments.started_at] = data[key];

It’s 漏 for me

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