What do you want now? (Request extensions here)

I like @seanblue’s Show Specific SRS Level in Reviews, but that “Guru 1” or “Guru 2” etc info is only shown in Reviews (well, the name said so). May I please have this info available on Radical/Kanji/Vocab page as well? So that this won’t be displayed as Guru only, but Guru 3, or Apprentice 4, and so on. See my screenshot. And can I also have info from the script that if the current Radical/Kanji/Vocab is one of my leeches that were calculated in total on my dashboard using @seanblue’s WK Dashboard SRS and Leech Breakdown, there would be something to tell me that this is one of my leeches, and if it’s not too hard to add, show also another homophone (if this is the case for the leech) kanji/vocab on the current page side by side with the current kanji/vocab.