What do you use to remember vocab that WaniKani doesn't present?

I heard that it is not all the common words that are presented here at wanikani and that you should study some more common - often without kanji which is main focus at wanikani - vocab to actually be able to use WaniKani in the first place.

So I wanted to hear how you handle that. If there is somewhere like wanikani where it’s just vocab without kanji or something else in that direction.

I generally can’t be bothered to use Anki, but this is one of the prime uses of Anki.


Repetition through exposure in media.

There’s only so many times you need to hear ぺったんこ and むらむらするwhile watching vtubers until you start spamming the chat with them (I heard from a friend).


I use kamesame for vocabulary. Otherwise i would let it sink in (if it is common i will probably see it again)

As @finnra mentioned, Anki is popular. I’m not personally a fan (I like someone telling me that I’m right or wrong instead of having to decide by myself). If you’re just looking to learn common vocab, there are a number of 2k, 6k, 10k decks with the most common words (as taken from Japanese newspapers, I believe). You can study those decks through Anki, or you can use Torii, which uses a similar SRS system as WaniKani to teach you the 10k vocab.

There’s also Kitsun.io which I haven’t used but I believe has similar 10k decks to study using SRS.

I personally keep track of every new word I come across while reading in a spreadsheet, and how often I come across it in different contexts (in other words, if it pops up 5 times in the same conversation, I only mark it once). If I encounter a word more than twice, I add it to my Houhou deck and use the SRS from there to learn the words. However, Houhou is Windows specific, so that might not work for everyone.

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