Wanikani non-kanji words

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Is there a place to learn all of the words that are not on Wanikani (non-kanji words). Like a memrise course or some other resource. please don’t suggest anki, it just isn’t for me.

If you are aware of a similar forum post please feel free to link that, I couldn’t find one. I’m specifically looking to avoid the overlap between wanikani and another full vocab learning resource.



You can use kitsun.io, which is a general purpose SRS platform. They have a deck specifically for kana words as well as the popular 10k words deck. While the latter will contain some WaniKani words, they are tagged as WaniKani words, so you can easily filter them out to avoid the overlap.

Kitsun is a paid platform (after a free trial), but I think it’s well worth the price.


I would recommend Torii SRS. It has a kana-only deck available and is overall a pretty good software to use, considering how it’s practically free. I’ve been using it for a few months and I’m satisfied with it so far.

Edit: Oh and I forgot to include that, under settings, you can even choose to exclude WaniKani vocabulary on almost every deck it has available … Except for the WaniKani deck itself, of course.


I second Torii. It’s the best flashcard/SRS program I’ve found for vocabulary, and the option for kana-only words is great.

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If you’re just starting out with Japanese I would probably recommend just finding a method that works for you to learn grammar (eg a textbook like Genki, an app like Lingodeer or Jalup) as that will also introduce a lot of basic kana only words in context. Once you’re through that and have maybe N5 & N4 grammar under your belt you would be in a good place to start immersing in native materials and picking up vocab from there :slight_smile: