What resources do you use to supplement WaniKani to bolster kana-only vocab?

I am looking for a resource–particularly an SRS system–that provides the most common kana-only vocabulary. What, if anything, do you use for this method? Should I just complete the typical 10k decks inclusive of Kanji?

The only 2 SRS resources I know of are Anki and kitsun.io

Personally, I don’t find it necessary, nor do I want to do it. I learn that by consuming the content and searching up unknown words. It’s an option, but everyone learns in different ways.


Recently, Ive been using Bunpro as an srs system for kana words as well as grammar. Make sure you turn on the beta in the settings, otherwise you can’t see the vocab. You can also connect it to your wanikani to get exp for the vocab/kanji you’ve learnt so far. It only gives you a month free before you have to start paying though.

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Is there a need? Why don’t you just learn a top 10/20k deck?

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Contrary to expectation, even though WaniKani teaches you thousands of words, you’ll still be missing a bunch of high frequency vocab using kanji as well, and some frequent vocab gets taught way too late. So yes, I’d start using a core deck, though core 2k is plenty.
Also, no need to throw money at the problem when there are plenty free options like Anki or jpdb.io


Torii srs is another option.

Not an SRS but you can browse online stores. For instance H&M Japanese online is 80% Katakana. On top of that you have beautiful pictures to illustrate the meaning of the words and you get familiar with Japanese fashion !

I use anki and renshuu together with wanikani

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