Addittional srs for vocab?

Does anyone here use an additional srs other than wanikani for vocab? As I’ve heard wanikani does teach specific jlpt related vocabulary I was think of using anki/kitsun to learn more vocab but I’m not sure if this is would be too much as I am already doing genki with wanikani. Also, an issue I was having when trying to learn new vocab is that I dont know enough kani to try and remember new vocab so it becomes very difficult to learn new vocab, would it best to wait until I finish wanikani? I’m currently going at a pace of around a level up every 7/8 days


There is an application called Torii SRS. I haven’t used it much but it has the core 10k words and a nice option in the software is that is lets you exclude from learning wanikani words it has in its database.


I do/did WK with Kitsun and with Bunpro all together and it depends on your speed with each of those. I was going much slower with Kitsun for a long time until I was done with WK, but I still was adding some words to it from reading manga and seeing them in the wild which helped me a lot :smile: So I’d recommend trying them out and adjusting your speed if reviews start to pile up. I always felt like doing reviews on Kitsun (and adding leeches from WK there) was much easier bc of the audio and sentences^^

One other thing that you can do is learning only kana words (you can do that on Kitsun’s 10k, for example), or learning words with kanji that you know (that’s also an option on 10k, it’s in tags L1-L60, L being the level in WK). I don’t know much about anki but I’m sure there are some decks that allow that too^^


The JLPT tango series has been very popular recently. It’s a great book that teaches each new vocab in sentences, so you get the added benefit of reinforcing your grammar study.

I’m currently using an N5 Tango Anki deck with it and I’ve found it to be a great supplement to Genki and WaniKani. Will likely do the N4 deck after that.


How do you go about learning the words that dont have kanji you know? Do you use mnemonics? I was going through the n5 vocab list and there are alot of unknown combined kanji words? Do you just keep going at trial and error or write stuff down?

For vocabulary, I use Anki with Core 2000 deck (there are similar decks with other number of most frequent words), a WaniKani vocab deck just to reinforce the words and practice additionally between WK reviews, and a custom deck that I populate with the words I meet and want to memorize, using Yomichan-Anki integration.

When I learn vocab outside from WaniKani, I don’t focus that much on kanji, more on the sound - I don’t know if that is the most effective method, but for me, it works well. Eventually I learn the kanji that constitute the word along with their readings and it becomes easy to recognize the word simultaneously from the meaning and the sound of its parts.


I use iKnow and find it a nice complement to WK. I like the reinforcement of hearing the words used in a sentence, and like the SRS and UI also.


this started to become my problem too.
I tried out torii just now, and I actually like it quite a bit. I went through the 10k most common and then gave kana only a shot. I liked both a lot, but after seeing them I immediately forgot them with no mnemonics. In torii there’s an option to add your own, though.

Maybe just try to power through reviews until it sticks?

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I would probably not learn words with unknown kanji in the beginning and would do the kana only words, for example. Sometimes I did read the mnemonics from WaniKani so that they stick a little bit, but that was rare.

There are 1220 words with “kana” tag and 553 with L1 to L4 (wanikani levels), so I think it’s plenty for now and those are really handy words too!:slight_smile:

And sorry for the late reply!


No worries, I think I’ll wait til I finish wanikank as there is quite alot of vocab here anyway then switch after I finish. Thanks for the response

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