What do you use after WaniKani?

By the way, I can very much relate to this problem and it was certainly a problem for me over the course of WK.

I did try to use LipSurf for a while for this very issue:

In the end I stopped using it, because I suppose my English accent is too wonky for it to understand me properly (raised on strictly Brittish English for most of my life, but then a lot of exposure to American English as well as an American spouse, coupled with the fact that English is not my native language.)

Edit: I was using LipSurf when it was first being rolled out and was free, so I also don’t know what changes has been made since. I can’t comment on how much it has or hasn’t improved on that front.

It could be something for you to look into, since dual-language, WK compatibility is a big feature of it. :slight_smile:

I also resorted to using Anki Mode for a while:

Best of luck finding a solution for that problem! There were days that my wife sat next to me for 100+ item review sessions, so I could dictate the answers to her because I couldn’t type that much.