Been on Vacation Mode for 5 months, not sure how to start again

I’m not sure what to do. I really do want to learn Japanese but I’m also not in a huge hurry. I’ve loved WaniKani because it’s something that in the past has been easy for me to keep up with and it’s rewarding to level up and see how much I’ve learned.

I could definitely use a lot more grammar study, though the ease of WaniKani’s SRS system made me decide I’d just learn kanji/vocab first and then do grammar once I had a solid foundation of kanji/vocab.

Right now it seems like my options are:

A) Jump back into WaniKani. It’ll be rough and I won’t remember a lot, but I’ll get it to stick after a few weeks.

B) Jump back into WaniKani, but reset myself back a few levels. This might make it easier and less overwhelming.

C) Study grammar instead. I’m thinking I would probably use another SRS program like Bunpro. Then after feeling a little more comfortable with grammar, I could do WaniKani again and hopefully do both.

What do you guys think I should do? Has anyone else come back after a long break like this?


I’d say study some grammar and join a WaniKani book club after you get a foundation in grammar. I get your desire to have a foundation in kanji and vocab before starting grammar, but at level 23 you’re long past that. In my view it’s better to balance kanji, vocab, and grammar all together so that you can read as early as possible, and I think your option C would be best to achieve that.


That’s a great idea! Then maybe I could just pick up WaniKani after doing that for a bit? I’d probably have to go back a few levels whenever that happens. But it’s probably for the best

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