Integrating immersion with WaniKani

I’ve been trying to integrate immersion - switching my OS to Japanese, trying to understand various things in Japan Town, etc… - into my Japanese study. Unshockingly given I’m level 10 atm, I frequently encounter kanji/vocab I haven’t learned through WaniKani (yet). I can think of a few different approaches here, and I’m sure I’m not the only one who has attempted this. I’m curious for feedback about each approach, as well as other ideas!

  1. Only focus on trying to understand what wanikani has taught me so far, ignoring other things. (Not my favorite option, but maybe I should stick with the WaniKani way 100% ?)

  2. Every single time I encounter a word I don’t know, throw it into anki. (WaniKani keeps me pretty busy, and I’m not sure how far down that path I want to go)

  3. Looking up words kanji I don’t know, but don’t worry about drilling them SRS style.

  4. ???

Thanks all!

If you do the SRS thing with every word you don’t know, you’re not really letting WK do what it does best, which is build on itself at a reasonable pace. Things like memrise and anki already let you go at whatever pace you want, and people often burn out when they are hit with days of hundreds of reviews really early on.

It’s frustrating to feel like you know a lot of kanji and still see many you don’t know, but it’s temporary.

My preferred way would personally be look things up but don’t SRS them.

As for immersion stuff, did you try switching your phone to Japanese?


Right, I’d rather let WK do it’s thing and I’ll stick with that. Thanks!

Yup! I switched both my laptop and my phone. This question arose out of having to look up so many vocab/kanji, as I now no longer know how to use some of the stuff on my phone/laptop XD

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Thankfully, the computer world seems fairly katakana heavy, so things have been easier than I initially thought.

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