What do you think about the "new JLPT" in April!

japan will administrate a new kind of JLPT in south east asia in April 2019! JLPT will soon obsolute, the new test also test speaking and writing soon.
What do you think about this??? What if this is the end of JLPT era and commence a new time when speaking and writing emerge ! ( profit for communication course like ITALKI )
Give me your opinion please ! I will suffered by this !
The lack of material and guide is painful !


No idea what you’re talking about, so if you have a link or something, that’d make it clearer what you’re referring to.


this !



too slow xD


yes exactly it is !

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I just found it too xD

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There are already tests you can take to test your speaking and writing and we still have the JLPT. I don’t see anything in there about this being a new format of the JLPT, unless I’m just missing something.


This is a new test ! totally new! They will dismiss JLPT soon !

Where did you get that information? :thinking: From what I’ve read this is a test for labour workers from south east asia…


The JLPT is just one test, and I’ve taken a bunch of different proficiency tests. It doesn’t really matter to me which ones are more prominent or not, I’ll still prepared to take a variety.


from one of my friend ! He’s working for japan foundation and he said this test will replace JLPT soon ! And it will have speaking ( maybe also writing )

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Most people would see that as a positive if it actually happened. Not a reason to be upset.

I’ll believe it when they announce it though.


My uncle works at Nintendo type of friend?:DD But honestly, there’s not enough information yet, if it will, well so be it.


I always found it strange that the JLPT never tested people on speaking or AT LEAST writing (since it’s probably easier to manage)


It looks like it will focus on work-related language and settings, because it is aimed at people coming to Japan to work.

It sounds very different to the JLPT, so I don’t see why they would get rid of the JLPT. Perhaps companies will start to list this test as an employment requirement rather than the JLPT (or more likely, at least initially, as an alternative), but is that a huge problem?

And it won’t have writing or speaking to start with.


Yes, and with that it “only” take more 2 years to take N1.
Why you hope it need 4 skills ?

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The more skills they test the more valuable the certification is.


Oh I don’t hope that they will add anything and I don’t intend to take the JLPT ever unless I have to someday. I only care about being able to understand and use the language.

All I know is that when learning English we had to “produce” the language during tests and that made us better English speakers :raised_hands:
I wouldn’t be happy or fulfilled if I had an N1 certificate while not being fluent personally.


It sounds like you’re panicking a lot because you’re worried about reaching a high level in this new test.

I would definitely stop worrying until there are more concrete details! If the test is harder, then what companies require of candidates will reflect that. We don’t even know if it will have levels or just give you a competency grade or anything.

Plus, if you are, say, N2 level in Japanese, you still have all those skills! Perhaps you will have to put some more work into your speaking or writing, but you won’t lose the work you’ve already done. Everybody else won’t suddenly have become much better at Japanese than you!


From your link:

The new test will have both listening and reading components. Writing and speaking sections may be added later.

So it’s nothing really special… it just focuses on skills required from skilled workers. So, except if you plan to go to Japan on that type of visa, I don’t see how this test is even relevant to you :face_with_raised_eyebrow: