JLPT Changing?

Hello did not see a thread for this… So I heard that they will be changing the JLPT test next year because they think too many people are passing is that true?

Also the reason I posted it in WaniKani instead of Campfire is because if it does change will that effect WaniKani at all if they change the Kanjis ect… I know JLPT has not had a major change in a Looong time.


p.s yes im back down the levels ^^

Any source you care to provide??

I hear things too… It’s troublesome sometimes … :yum:

Unless the Joujou Kanji were to change (which most likely won’t in a near future), why any change in this exam could affect WK?.. There’re lots of people doing WK that are not into taking the JLPT …


The pass rates are pretty consistent (typically between 30 and 40%, with some exceptions). I don’t really see any recent shifts in it either.

And yeah, WK isn’t really structured around the JLPT right now.


Exactly how long ago does three Os constitute? Because the last major overhaul was in 2009, not all that long ago on the grand scheme of things.


I guess it’s one O for every three years, then!


Closest thing I’m aware of would be the new test they’re talking about for the new slave labor visas. But that’s completely separate from JLPT.

A also have in mind that most of the time 40 to 50 % are passing thats not a lot to me. I can’t imagine that they will make major changes soon

What? Some sort of unskilled workers visa?

There’s a new plan to bring in a lot of workers from SE asia, etc. to do service jobs for a few years, after which they have to leave. They’re talking about a new language test targeted at applicants for those visas.

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