What do you think about the "new JLPT" in April!

This is exactly my thoughts. I will probably be able to take n3 in the winter, but I can’t speak or write japanese at all.
In my country we have speaking and writing for english exam after school, so I don’t think it’s something to worry about. You need to study for that, yes, but that’s definitely not a bad thing!


yes, I always want working at Japan. (and live there)

Yes, but you don’t need that visa specifically. Well, I don’t know your background though.

I mean, I think a lot of people were already trying to learn how to speak and write regardless of whether or not they were being tested simply because that’s part of learning a language. The JLPT itself is kinda a rough guide of general proficiency level for most people unless one specifically wants to work for a Japanese company but for that I believe you need to be around N2 or N1 anyways.

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When you have no time like me you will know what painful it is. Instead of take more 2 years to get the highest certificate now maybe you need 3 or 4 or … you guess ! And the content of test will change, for sure

If all you’re doing is studying to pass the test you won’t be ready for a business environment anyway, so what does it matter what the time it takes now is.


I’m not sure it’s worth trying to learn a language with the aim of passing one type of certification exam. You are really limiting yourself if that’s your only goal.


You really really need to stop panicking!

You don’t know yet whether you will even need this exam for the jobs you are looking at. You don’t know how hard it is compared to the JLPT. You don’t know how much the content will overlap with the JLPT. You don’t know what ‘level’ companies will require. You don’t know whether writing and speaking will actually be included, or whether they’ll be compulsory.

Until you know more, it’s fruitless to worry about it! Just focus on learning Japanese :slightly_smiling_face:


Because I have no time, this is my first priority. But I’m immersing to native content so it’s no matter how I learn. I prepare for language fluent from the beginning! after the test it will be good
After radish8 comment, I feel more relaxing! Thanks


You can only try your best! That’s all anyone can do. Just be proud of yourself for trying hard and enjoy learning the best you can :slight_smile: good luck @jays !


Father’s brother’s nephew’s cousin’s former roommate.


Not that, he just a sensei on the internet, and he know some man working in japan foundation

I’m looking forward to what comes of that new test. A test that’s more grounded in reality sounds like a good thing. Adding writing and speaking (if they actually do that) makes sense - it makes the test a bit harder to pass of course, but someone who wants to live and work in Japan has to learn writing and speaking anyway ^^


While testing speaking and writing sounds good, but whats the criteria? Are they going to ding you for a thick accent? Are they going to dig you for sloppy handwriting? etc

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Just guessing obviously, but I doubt they’ll care much about you having an accent - speaking a language perfectly accent-free takes a long time. The writing should be legible though ^^

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learning how to write 2000 kanji will be fun, if you know what I mean, because wanikani don’t teach that

You can learn the rules for stroke order on tofugo though:

You don’t have to memorize the strokes of every kanji - there are rules :wink:


The articles all seem to point towards the aim being to make immigration easier, since they want more skilled workers from overseas.

The focus seems to be to make the new tests more geared towards actually work related content, instead of college/student related content. Not, you know, simply making it harder to succeed. That would be making immigration harder after all.

It is also listed as one of many possible things employers will look for in their applicant.

All in all, I agree that there’s still too little information available to even form an opinion on what that might actually look like. :wink:


Also on the topic of writing: The idea is that the new test will be done on computer instead of on paper like the JLPT. So for all we know, the writing part could just mean typing stuff (like completing a sentence or something like that).


Good point. So (probably) no need to know stroke order, just be able to recognize the needed Kanji for that pronunciation… maybe. :slight_smile: