What did the update actually do? (plus suggestion)

So besides the two new big buttons and the vertical review forecast on the right did anything else change? Seems to me this update was only good for people who don’t use scripts and those who do got minor grievances in looking for patches for scripts that broke (timeline, leaderboard etc.)

Now for the suggestion:
About those big buttons, could their real estate please be made better use of now that they have to take up space? (they were only in the header before) Seeing as they’re here to stay…

  • Make the lesson/review number bigger and centred so that the important info is the first thing we see, and then have your cute drawings centred around that. The focus shouldn’t be the drawings. Although I’d just like to say that I really like your drawings and how they change according to how flooded you are with lessons/reviews (the only part of the update I liked and had any impact on me really).
  • Also please add a ‘next review in…’ so the grey box actually does something akin to paying rent for the absurd amount of space it takes up doing nothing.

I imagine it as something as the following:

P.S. Am I meant to tag someone in this or is the post fine as it is? Thanks in advance!


I just wanted to bump this. Perhaps you can make the oval with the number in the middle where the crabigator’s tummy is? With turtles frolicking around him. And then for the reviews put it where kappa mountain is and have them climbing up the sides.

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