Lessons / Reviews turned purple?


What’s up with this?


People complained about them being green, so we’re trying it with purple.


I actually liked the green. But whatever, you can’t please everyone.


Ah I see. For what it’s worth, I prefer the green, but it doesn’t really matter to me what colour it is :slight_smile: Thanks for all your hard work with the community! <3

EDIT: I second what @hachiken said


What I don’t like now is how the buttons look, I also didn’t care about the color of the button, but at this point I don’t think it matters enough to complain about it.

I also prefer the circular ones, it was a bit easier to see the numbers

I liked the green too, personally, but people suggested using a color that kept with the rest of the theme, so that’s what we’re trying right now.


Purple being my favorite color, I’m pleased with the change haha :slight_smile: .


I like the pruple color as well.

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It was a small but pleasant surprise in my opinion.

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That, and that (now, since it seems there was an update today) they look like they’re always selected, which is weird.

Green is not a creative color. :eyes:


Not happy with them being the same colour

Now I’m complaining that they are purple. Please make them green again #ml/rga. Or give us an option to personalize the colors without scripts.

And please redo the colors overall. Don’t give us a glimpse at nicer colors just to take them away again. That’s too cruel :cry:

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I actually like the purple. Honestly though, I’ll be happy with anything as long as the colour isn’t dependent on the number of reviews/lessons there are (ie, making them red or something when there’s 100+).

Everyone’s a critic.:sob:

Seriously, though, feel free to keep posting your thoughts, this is going to be something of an ongoing process. The last half-dozen posts alone show that there’s clearly some differing opinions when it comes to colors.

That should be gone now. It’s either grey when the count is at zero, or purple if more than zero.


Awesome, thank you!

I think the purple fits in well with the rest of the colour scheme on the site. The green clashed a bit, but green is one of my favourite colours so… Like I said, happy either way XD

Thanks for changing the button setup on mobile though. Less work to refresh the page and access the reviews immediately.

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The purple definitely fits the site’s color scheme overall much better than the green/blue/red did. I wasn’t fond of having color there to start with, but most of my problems with it have gone away now that the colors aren’t jarring/out of place.

Still not terribly fond of the horizontal layout, I preferred the circled number with the label below, but it does fit with the rest of the updated header, so I can’t complain too much.

…it does bother me a little that the lesson/review buttons aren’t centered on the screen, though. They’re off just a little bit. And I just realized the vertical divider marks have disappeared and I’m not sure how I feel about that.


UI/UX design is hard work; it’s one of the reasons I prefer doing the server-side, and API design work.

One thing I just noticed about the responsive UI, because I’m a terrible person who looks for edge cases, is that the logo and review jump to the center just before the rest of the hamburger expands. I honestly don’t expect anything to be done because this is a ridiculous edge case. I just thought it was interesting how the CSS rules are resolving
1022px width:

1023px width:

1024px width:

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I’ll be the first to admit that the idea of the colours changing from green to red was offputting - at first - and only because I didn’t know what number they changed at. Since I’ve learned that it basically never went red unless you used the reorder script and abused it a little (like me :sweat_smile:), I actually came to like the idea.

I’m not saying I dislike the way it is now either. In fact, I find it interesting that these changes are spawning new script ideas in the first place - that further shows the diversity of opinion, when enough people are willing to code scripts to keep some of the updated features before rollbacks. I think people’s opinions are also going to change over time. In some cases, 24h isn’t enough to even begin to get used to a change.