How's everyone like the new layout?

Personally, I’m diggin’ it. Really cool that WaniKani continues to make improvements to further our Japanese language progression. Admittedly, I am a little intimidated by that Review Forecast – it says I have 639 on Sunday.


It seems the number they show on the right is the cumulative total of reviews you will have if you don’t do any of them before then.


I think it’s great on computer, but not on cellphone, the Lessons and Reviews buttons are just too big. One option I would like to have is the choice between 12h and 24h systems for the Review Forecast.


It’s horrible and broke all my lovely scripts. Bulky, clumsy,…just awful. I am retreating to Tsurukame on my iPad until the wonderful RFindlay can re-tinker his Ultimate Timeline.


It’s fine I just want my ignore answer script to work since I am the typo king :grimacing:


Those cartoons are a gigantic, annoying waste of space. Please give me the ability to turn them off, along with the review forecast, which I have no interest in seeing.


i’ve learned my lesson not to do reviews on my phone. i suppose my fingers are too fat


you’re absolutely right! that’s what i get for taking a cursory glance at it. thanks!

I really like it. I think it’d be nice if the next day or two on the review forecast were auto-expanded since that’s useful information I want to be able to see at a glance, and also an option to display the times in 24hr format would be nice, but that’s honestly more of a nitpick than anything.

Aside from that, there now appears to be a very large blank space where the lessons/reviews used to be that seems a bit empty to me. But honestly that may just be me being so used to having something there. I’d be curious to see how it is for newer people because it may just be me.

Edit: It appears that when you have no more reviews in a day, the next day you have reviews will expand automatically. I like this. Also please ignore how many reviews I have, I have a lot of gurus okay.



Do the pictures change like the beta app did? This is what I see right now:


Personally I think it’s a definitive improvement from the previous one


Oh that’s cool, I never even considered that detail! Yes, here’s mine


Reposting from another thread:

The lessons and reviews buttons are too large. There’s no reason they need to take up that much space. They were fine where they were and the size they were. Not related to the new UI but I have never liked how it’s two clicks to get to the actual reviews. One click takes you to the review summary the next to the actual review. Do I care about the review summary? Never.

Also felt like the review timeline plugin I was using was more useful and easier to understand. I get why you integrated similar functionality, but I want my old plugin back.

I really liked the level items appearing below the timeline. That was a nice feature add that reduced the necessity of needing to go to wanikani stats for the same information, but now they seem bunched up and crowded on the left. Much preferred the span across the entire browser window.


I’m into it. Definitely an improvement on the old layout

I like it, on a black background its even nicer. From the sounds of it I’m in the minority But I do indeed like it.


I personally like and hate it. Though most my reasons are from the perspective of a level 60.

Since I don’t get that many reviews anymore, the review forecast shows me the exact information I need. Specifically I can work out really easily the next time I have enough items to bother doing a review. Could do that fine with the Ultimate Timeline but it’s a bit easier here. Though if I still had to care about critical reviews then I think I would hate it.

The things I dislike is all the clutter that I just no longer need. I don’t need to know how I’m progressing through level 60 since I can’t go anywhere, so I don’t need all those items shown (I would prefer it to be replaced with leeches). I also don’t need a lessons button since I’m not getting any more.

Really I just want a special level 60 dashboard.


The look of it is pretty fresh, so I’m alright with that. It’s just that I wish they’d add extra details to the review forecast/timeline thingy, like being able to see when current level items are ready to review, and the composition of the current and coming reviews (i.e. radicals, kanji, vocab). So yeah, basically the Ultimate Timeline script except built-in to the website.

I don’t use scripts so I love this new layout but I agree the buttons are too big. :3 Just needs some adjustments. Thanks Wanikani!


Seeing it really saps my motivation.

Being constantly shouted at makes me want to close the tab and go do something else.


I’m really enjoying the additional information. Good changes. Thanks for all the work.