I miss the community pages (golden children, top turtle burners, chattigators...)

Are these still available somewhere, or is there a chance we’ll get them back @viet ?

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I really miss them too.
In fact, in the announcement thread about the move I asked about them.

I think the previous response was something like “maybe once the forums are running smoothly we’ll add back in the WK flavour.”

I’ll see if I can find the actual response.

EDIT: Oh… It looks like I never did get a response to that. Viet’s response to me was about the lesson and review count on the forum only… (Which for now is being taken care of by rfindley’s lovely script.)

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Oh is there a script for lesson and review counts on the new forums? I couldn’t find it!

Yes! Just search @ rfindley (no space) with “lesson” and start typing “review” and it will pop up to the top! : D
I requested the script, and rfindley was awesome enough to make it within 24 hours!!!

@Jody (because I can’t tell if this is a reply to you on mobile.)

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Here you go. This takes longer on mobile.


Thanks a lot, installed!

Welcome! : D

you can format as code (between backticks} if you don’t want a mention to be a mention, like so: @AnimeCanuck

Oh, I can cancel those just like I can cancel Markdown? Awesome. Thanks, @\tomboy!

EDIT: Not sure what I’m doing wrong or if mobile behaves differently…

Backtick, not backslash :slight_smile:
` ← this character

The apostrophe?
I thought you meant another word for backslash.

Huh …Huh… It’s even not the apostrophe… I have no idea where that character is on my physical '91 keyboard. But I found it on my phone! @tomboy, thanks again!

It’s on the ~ key, above Tab.

Oh, it’s the same as tildan? I’ve never noticed it. Thanks! (Might be physically wiped off too… My N key looks blank and the B is almost gone as well.)

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