What can or should I use for writing kanji?

i have always used my brush pen or pencil for these kinds of things, but i was never satisfied with the way they turn out… so i would like some pointers as to what i should use! i want to be able to write them the complete way, with all the stops and stuff. please let me know, Thanks! -josh

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Personally I really like to practice on my small “Buddha board” that I have at my desk at work. Its this thing you can write on with water and it evaporates in a few seconds. Gives you infinite practice without using a ton of paper and ink. You can get the small size ones on amazon for like $15 I think.

Quick edit to add a picture, you can see how fast the writing evaporates since I wrote some katakana out just now. The brush is very nice to use and has good flow:


I use a small whiteboard. It requires special markers, though.


Has science come too far?


Yes, we should go back to whatever we had before this stone age technology


Like the printing press?

If you want a cheaper but less attractive alternative to the buddha board, there are also paper options:


It’s the same principle, but takes up a bit less space, and has a grid to help you with sizing. This doesn’t really answer your question if you’re looking for a pen to use for actually writing things though!

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I’m a bit unclear regarding whether you are looking for brush writing tips specifically, or if you mean writing practice in general. I think people have given some great advice in this thread for saving paper. I’d like to add:

In general, it’s a good idea to write on 原稿用紙 with a somewhat fine mechanical pencil or pen. In most contexts it is not best to practice writing with a brush pen because their width and flexibility will make it difficult for you to learn proper character balance.

Regarding brush pen recommendations, I prefer using the Pentel GFKP or the Pentel FL2F. Both comfortable and easy to use.

Be careful, learning on a calligraphy brush is like learning to do road cycling time trials before you’ve learned to ride a regular bicycle. Most importantly, have fun!



yes, i meant brush/pen to use for writing


Here are some links to amazon where you can get the pens I recommended:


The other

They do not seem to have the sizes I mentioned but these are great pens in any width :smile:

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