Buddha Board for practicing Kanji

My birthday is coming up, and one of my friends who knows I’m learning Japanese got me this thing called a Buddha Board.

It’s supposed to be like a zen thing, not really for Japanese, but I thought if anyone else actually wanted to learn stroke order and how to write with ink and all that stuff, this is good for practice. You fill up the container with water and then use the bamboo brush to write on the board. As you can tell I tried to write the kanji for warm (it didn’t work very well but I’m practicing). After about two minutes, depending on how much water you used, it evaporates, leaving a blank board. It costs 35 dollars but there are smaller versions for a cheaper price.


This is exactly how I learned kana. Saves on paper. :sunglasses:


Yeah, my friend has something similar but a cheaper version, I think. I could probably use one of these tbh. Wanikani’s great for learning how to recognise kanji, but I’m lacking when it comes to the actual writing ability. :eyes:


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