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Hey guys! I am new to wanikani but am excited to start learning. I recently remembered something I saw at a friend’s house that I think will be extremely useful in learning Kanji. It is called a buddha board and it is basically a stone tablet that comes with a brush, and when you put water on the brush it writes on the stone as if it had ink on it but then the markings fade. I thought this would be an excellent memorization aid and stroke order practice tool and wanted to pass that on! You can get them pretty cheap on amazon they are like 12 bucks I think. Happy learning!



At school, the teachers use a brush, water and a blackboard.
Fading is just evaporation.
No need for $12 when you can get everything at a dollar store.

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I use this. Is this what you’re talking about?

… unless you wanna be *fancy!*

Also I can imagine that water on a blackboard doesn’t show up amazingly well, and might take a while to disappear? Genuinely asking, it might work really well but seems like the board would be too dark to me. The paper linked by @gojarappe looks kind of awesome.

This is the original Buddha Board. Same concept, less graphy.

Where did you find the kanji-writing kit? I think I saw it at Tokyu Hands the other day…

That Buddha Board is pretty pricey! I got mine at AEON ages ago. Here are a few Amazon.jp links:

with grids, dries quickly

no grids, used with a regular brush

a set with also the best online reviews

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