Better writing utensil to practice writing kanji

I’m having difficulty deciding between two types of calligraphy pens to practice kanji with.
One has a flat tip, which allows for cool wavy lines based on direction. The other is bit more like a brush and creates wavy lines based on pressure, which is also pretty cool.

Does anyone have any experience with which one would be more suitable?


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I had some of each a few years ago. I preferred the stiffer ones, but I was never into proper calligraphy


For caligraphy in general i always prefer brush pen. Looking at people who do kanji caligraphy it seems they use brushes/brush pens as well

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Hi, I don’t have any experience with that brand, but for the picture I see the first one is more suited to western calligraphy due to the square shape, I see that one often in the reddit calligraphy sub for those characters where it’s a super thick part and then a really thin line. Like this:

Then the second one is quite similar to one of Kuretake line that I have, those you can change the thinness according to pressure. You can even simulate some brush calligraphy effects, like the harai and hane. You can also write normally if you want.

Now there are other type of fude pen like the ones that have artificial hair and basically behave like a small brush in most regards you can practice almost exactly as you would with an actual brush in terms of the calligraphy strokes. This kind of brush is sort of a pain to write normally… specially when I have to write quick notes and it’s the only one I have at hand :sweat_smile:


Ooh thanks for the in depth answer. I think I’ll go for the second option then. :blush:


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