"Were you thinking of..." option during reviews

I can’t count the number of times I’ve mistaken a kanji or vocab word during reviews for a kanji or phrase that was incredibly similar to another term. I think half of my terms that stay at Apprentice and Guru are ones that I get confused with similar terms.

It helps me distinguish between similar kanji by seeing them side-by-side, especially when I’m wrong. I know Wanikani already has a “visually similar kanji” section for each kanji term, and was thinking a great feature would be adding those to reviews. If you get a term incorrect, but the meaning or reading matches a similar kanji already associated with the term, it would appear on the interface as a popup with the phrase “Were you thinking of ____?”.

We’d be able to see the kanji we keep mistaking, and be able to quickly identify the differences in radicals instead of digging for the kanji you were ACTUALLY thinking of to try and tell the difference. Seems to be a common occurrence in my reviews, do other Wanikani users see the use of a similar feature?

It seems like a good feature but only after it marks the answer as wrong.
WaniKani has a list of visually similar kanji but I can’t remember if it shows them during reviews.


I agree. My thoughts were the answer is highlighted in red as usual, but have a text popup appear below the term (like the “This word as multiple meanings” popup) that shows the kanji that you might’ve mistaken it for.

As far as I can tell, the only way to view visually similar kanji is by going to the term page for that kanji in the Kanji Lists.

I don’t know if this does exactly what you’re looking for but have you tried this script?


Just amplifying @NicoleIsEnough’s response. The confusion guesser is AWESOME.

One note: “use IDS” should NOT be considered optional! It’s mandatory, imho. Great script.


Yeah I’d recommend trying the ConfusionGuesser script too, I use it and find it quite handy. A good number of the mistakes I make during reviews come from mixing up similar looking kanji or mixing up vocabulary words that use the same kanji, and getting to see the word I got wrong side by side to the word I thought it was can be helpful for remembering the difference between them.

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