Weow! Koohi.cafe - A WK friendly SRS [300 vocabulary lists!]

Thank you.

If I try to load the word フタ on this “flfl-cli” page it seems to try to load every katakana word in existence and the page takes forever to load and eventually I have to stop the execution. The screenshot is only a partial a image because to capture the whole area was too large to upload.

edit: The book was shirokuma cafe.

Image of bug


What in God’s name

Edit: nevermind, it has nothing to do with フタ and everything to do with the card afterward, which is blank.

Anyway, it’s fixed but I’ll need to find something to prevent that from ever happening again.

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You work fast! Thanks as always.

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Update 9/29 - Extremely boring update

I’ve updated the libraries that the website runs on. This is extremely uninteresting and means nothing to every single user unless it breaks the website.

I’m prepping to try and upgrade to Vue 3 (from 2). I might not if it seems too annoying (it will definitely be a process).

After that, I’m going to work on an Anki flip card mode.


Just a general life update. I’m currently working a full-time and a part-time job and it kind of sucks. I am not a “sigma grindset” kind of guy. I’ll be doing only content updates for a bit.

At the end of December I’m planning on either quitting my full-time job or moving it to part-time so that I can “go back to school.” By which I mean starting a metric ton of programming courses and projects. So at that point I’ll probably do some crazy shit on this website under the guise of “learning data analytics” or something.

It’ll probably be on the scale of that time I randomly decided to recreate the entire website in Node in a month.

I’ve noticed that my website has, in ways, fallen behind the curve of stuff people have innovated in the four years since Floflo launched so I’ll be reflecting on what’s required to bring it up to par. If anyone has any ideas that they want to throw out so they can marinate for the next two months, go for it.

If anyone has any sites that they think are superior in X way or have potential, feel free to share. It’ll help me figure out specifically where I need to expand my skills in order to match.


10/10 Content Update

New anime (8)

  • 86
  • Arslan
  • Beastars 2
  • Fruits Basket (all)
  • Nisekoi
  • Tensei shitara Slime Datta-ken 1 + 2
  • Yuukoku no Moriarty

I’ve also figured out how to make anime compatible with the readability formulas. So anime will have that from now on. On avg it seems to hover from 75-82 while books avg 60-75. Completely making these numbers up but yeah


Please all the take the time to you need. You’re working for free to help strangers after all.

The best example of a competitor is https://jpdb.io/ that was posted earlier above.

jpdb’s design is a little more cohesive and it runs much faster. It also doesn’t require an email to sign up which I like (Although I understand the some of the many reasons for not doing that). I like that it shows you an example sentence with the card that can be easily changed or translated from a prebuilt list. I like the stats for each book too.

I don’t like that it takes two clicks to move the next card, and how slow it feels (time from clicking “show card” to rating it is long), but since it’s anki style they show the “back” of the card every time.

Koohi has a better lesson creation and review process I think. You can add the words you want. jpdb makes you add all of the words at once which is kind of annoying and it’s also hard to remove known words quickly. Koohi does that well. Moving between reviews is faster too.

I started using jpdb in an attempt to try to learn some words for a separate book I was reading. I didn’t want that other book’s lessons to “pollute” my current list. That said adding yet another place to do daily SRS was too much for me and I basically stopped using it.