Weow! Koohi.cafe - A WK friendly SRS [300 vocabulary lists!]


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Added 10 new books to be released over the next whenever. Gonna add anime afterward.

So I’ve noticed some of the parts API calls are getting annoying slow (like /lessons page). This is a probably a combination of more data being held on the tables plus some feature bloat.

I’ll spend a week the next week tweaking the API to do preloading (ex: start loading the /lessons data when you first hover the manage button, not when after you click manage and the page loads). Plus stuff like storing the data in local storage so that things only have to load once.

After that, we can go back to doing bug fixes/feature requests as normal. I want to make a feature for leeches - I think it’s important.

In other news, I did get the instructor job.


Congrats! :sparkles:




Api issues fixed


The branch got a little big xddddddd


Update 9/12 - Api Improvements + Series Collapsing Fixes + Library page reworks

From the blog:

The last two weeks were spent doing internal improvements to the website that should translate to a better user experience overall.

Library Page

I have completely redone the code for a lot of the library page. This means 1) filtering, sorting, series should be less intensive on your device. 2) There have been some improvements/changes to the controls. See the change log.

Console Styling

Some time was spent creating a utility for styling javascript console information. This should make it easier for me to read/find things, but it should also make it possible for people who didn’t program it to spot things. I’m not counting on this, just thought I’d mention it.

Preload API

One of the big projects I’ve been working on was a preloading api inspired by instantclick.io. Basically, what happens is normally you click a link (ex: lessons page), the page switches over, it loads an empty page, then it calls the api, then fills it with data.

The new api changes, found on the LESSONS and LIBRARY page will now start the api load when your mouse clicks DOWN on the link initially, instead of waiting for a page swap and then the first paint before starting the call. Based on the instantclick.io click test This leads to a MINIMUM of probably 200ms improvement, but probably more like half a second or more in practice. The results of said api calls are also stored locally with an expiration so navigating back to eligible pages should be instant.

As with all updates, these two projects might’ve introduced some bugs, so feel free to communicate with me on Wanikani if you have concerns.

Change Log


  • Redid large portions of this
  • The /books page is eligigble for preloading
  • Ordering is now part of the main interface instead of the sidebar
  • Multiple filters can be used at the same time (and operator in an X Or Y criteria fashion)
  • Mediums can be enabled/disabled individually
  • FIX: series collapses should collapse more smartly. They are disabled on unreleased books, searches, or when most filters are enabled
  • Improved styling on cover badges (they look more like stickers now) to improve visibility
  • Modified “owned book” icon to be next to the medium instead of in the badges
  • Toggling filters/mediums/ordering is much faster


  • Preloader api now active on /lessons and /books


  • As a result of using the preloader api, should load faster ~.5s

Wow! Thanks for the updates, Raionus! :durtle_noice:


I’m not sure if it’s just me, but the site has been really slow for me today, like loading the difficulty percentage in the library page as well as generating vocab in a book takes much longer now. It was working normally yesterday, I can’t think of anything I did either on the website or to my pc that would cause this :thinking:



Yeah I’m looking into now




Squished 'em loading screens! Super smooth now :DD


Yeah that actually worked out better than I thought it would


Still takes forever to load unknown words for me, and it only works maybe less that half of the time. The ordering by unknown words seems to be broken, too.


Buttons in dark mode not very visible



Like unknown words on the library page? What device, etc. It takes about ~20 seconds on home wifi so I imagine it would be 1 min + on like 3g or some crap which would cause the request to timeout.

I’ve updated this just now. Tell me if it doesn’t work.

Will look into.


I’m on home, wired. After about 20-30 seconds the percentages appear, but seem to only include WK known words. Closing the tab and reopening sometimes works and makes it calculate it correctly. But it seems like pure luck.

I’m not noticing any difference :confused:. They seem to be generally in the right ballpark, however. Are you by chance ordering them by the amount of unknown words, when the page displays the percentage? That’s maybe a tad confusing. Difficulty filtering seems to work, but it would be nice to see the amount of unknown words on the thumbnail when sorting that way (or hover).


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The order is kinda random

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Oh yeah duh. It should be fixed in a second. @Redglare

This seems correct considering the numbers it has to crunch

That’s super weird. Can I get your username so I can run some tests on my end? The process involves creating a temp table with your cards in it, so maybe yours is turning out blank somehow?

Yup I’ve contacted you.