Koohi Cafe thread?

I didn’t find any thread about koohi.cafe on here so I’m making one. Main reason is to report two bugs.

  1. Always shows Kanji even if obscure

Jisho lists many words as “usually written using Kana alone”, but there are still ways to write them with Kanji. Things like…
As a learner, I don’t want to have to learn there weird Kanji that are not really used. Yet koohi.cafe will always show the words written in Kanji in reviews. For some words it is possible to chose which Kanji to learn, but they can’t be toggled off completely. If you untick all the Kanji boxed and then add, it will not add anything.

  1. Reappearing words across books

This one is easier to explain: I added 跨る - “to mount” from the Kino no Tabi list, but I saw it again in the lessons for Kiki’s Delivery Service. There are more occasions but I specifically remember this one. Koohi does not seem to exclude already learned words from new lessons.


There’s a thread, but it’s still sneakily pretending to be the floflo.moe thread. :slightly_smiling_face:


I think I have seen the lower two IRL before, but the first one is probably more rare. I did recognize it as a general knowledge though.

So, I wouldn’t really say not really used.

What is floflo.moe really? Nice sounding name, BTW.

Seems to be the old name of https://koohi.cafe/

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I can keep going

凝乎と・じっと This one is ridiculous

My point is every word that can be found written in Kanji in the dictionary, Koohi will make me learn those Kanji or skip the word.

I haven’t used FloFlo in a long time, but doesn’t it only show the kanji if that’s what it’s found in the book?

Yes, floflo was better in that regard

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Does anyone one of another site like Koohi that lets you get a vocab list for a book sorted in order of appearance? I like the idea, but Koohi just requires far too much manual computer work to get the goods. I’d pay if I could just grab a full csv rather than having to pick words one by one. I’d rather suspend or delete the easy ones in Anki than work in reverse and be locked into a website.

I’ve never used the export function so I don’t know how easy it is, but I believe FloFlo lets you export the word lists. You might have to support on Patreon for $3 when you want to do it, and it’s worth noting FloFlo is no longer supported - but could be worth a try for $3.


I recently used it to grab a few books (you get 5 exports a month). I am not sure in what order you get the entries, but it could be order of appearance. I changed it frequency order, so I can’t check either. I paid $10 (you can pay less) then cancelled my patronage after I got the lists.

It worked very well because I could use Google Sheets to add a total frequency field across all the books. Then when I imported it all into Anki I made them all the same note type so that duplicate entries would be ignored, but I could still have separate decks for each book.

While on the topic, @Radish8 do you happen to know whether the kanji field represents what is written in the book or is it always populated if FloFlo is aware of a way to write it in kanji?

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Hmm, I’m not sure how the export fields line up with what you see on the site, sorry.

On FloFlo, if it is written without kanji in the book, that’s how the main display will appear too. But it will also offer kanji suggestions if they exist, and I think as the site stands you have to pick one, so if there’s a kanji field in your lists I guess it might not actually be from the book.

It used to just add it without kanji though, so it might depend when you exported them / whether the exporter was updated to mirror that kind of functionality???

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I still have to manually plow through the words up front, which is a waste of time. Also it says there are only 300 words out of the 3000 unique words generated. How I get the rest?

I think 300 is the maximum it generates at one time? You would have to add, trash or remove some of the words to get more.
Or maybe it’s that you are not using settings to generate all words from the book. If you set your frequency to 1, you should get all the words that you do not know yet.

I see. If I leave and come back it shows 300 again. But I still think this site would have been better (and worth money) as a csv generator. I’m losing valuable time culling this data manually.

Well, yes, it will always show a maximum of 300 words.

Once you have trashed enough words (and basically Floflo gets to know you), you won’t have to do that much maintenance either.

If you are a patreon (?) of Floflo, there’s a rank that allows you to export csv files by the way.

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I know about the export feature, but it is after the manual culling, I believe. I think if it were the first step, it would be much better. The unique value of the site is the lists more so than the SRS, since many people already use Anki or whatever.

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Well, the benefit is that when you are learning the words for your 5th book you don’t have to manually remove all the thousands of words you already know, since you have trashed them before. In the long run this amounts to a much nicer workflow. Think of it as an investment :slight_smile:

I plan to export some lists (nowadays I really appreciate the interval tweaks I can do in Anki and only review once a day) and am very thankful they don’t include any of my 4300 trashed words.

Did you put in your WK level to cull some of the more common words?

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With the export feature you can export every single word in the book if you so please; is that not what you want?


Oh yes please. How do I do that? :slight_smile:

You just need to enter the right settings into the exporter, I think. I can’t check since I’m not a patron anymore. I know that you can do it, though, because I did it