[EDIT] WaniKani Forums ARE Public

[UPDATE] As of July 24th, 2017 at 9:00AM PST the forums are now public. See original message below:

The time has come (the walrus said), to open these forums to the public!

We said the day would come and it’s finally here. Well, almost. On Monday, July 24th 2017, sometime in the morning (UTC-7) we’re going to press the button to open this land up to the internet world.

Here’s a little reminder for those of you who may have missed it when we made the original transition:

To summarize:

  • Parts of the forums will be viewable and searchable by search engines
  • People will still need to make WaniKani accounts to participate and interact
  • Only WaniKani and Japanese Language will be truly “open”
  • Old posts before the forum move, Campfire, and Japanese Only will stay private to non-members and search engines
  • If you see a little lock symbol next to a section that’s a good indicator that it’s private

Basically, the only thing that’s changing is that people who have the same Japanese questions as you all will be able to find their answers here when they search online. As always, anyone can make a free WaniKani account to participate.

**Note: If you have a username you do not wish to have public (though remember anyone who made a free account could find you anyway) please feel free to email me at hello@wanikani.com if you would like to have your username changed. Try to send at least 3 possible usernames (with the one you like best at the top) just incase the one you want is taken, and I’ll make sure to get it changed before we go public on Monday!


Thanks for the update Kristen <3

Oh, I’m surprised! I thought this happened the second we walked into Discourse.

Here I was, thinking someone was finally seeing the old announcement thread. I wonder if we’ll notice a difference.
Thanks for the heads up, Kristen! ^^

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I was wondering when this would happen. Thanks for the update!

Yeah, I thought that this had already happened as well

I’m glad I’m not the only one! ^^;

Annnd it’s done.

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